2022 UNLV Football Schedule Analysis, Breakdown and Predictions

UNLV has had a few difficult seasons as a program in recent years. With much uncertainty over who the Rebels will start next year, will UNLV be a .500-plus team?

Week 1 (September 3) vs. Idaho State –

Idaho State played a school in Mountain West last year and was destroyed by them. Now this school? This school was UNLV’s in-state rival, the Nevada Wolfpack. I know the Wolfpack had Carson Strong, Romeo Doubs and Cole Turner, all of whom could be drafted in April to the NFL, but with this new rookie team, this rebel team can play the same and make big numbers against Idaho. State.

Prediction – 38-13, UNLV W (1-0)

Week 2 (September 10) @ Cal –

The Rebels will travel to Berkeley to face Cal in their first road game. Now, even though the Bears lost their starting QB in the NFL Draft this year, they’re still a PAC-12 school and will be a decent football program next year. The young UNLV team will struggle against the PAC-12 opponent and this is also their first game on the road. I believe the Rebels can stay in close contact with their new recruits that they have recruited from both the offensive and defensive sides. Everyone knows it’s hard to go on the road and win at college football.

Prediction – 28-17, defeat UNLV (1-1)

Week 3 (September 17) vs. North Texas –

Now North Texas was an intermediate team on the road last year, but being in C-USA they are up against some pretty decent teams like Liberty and UTEP. This match will be a close match and will really show the true competitiveness of the Rebels. I believe this game could end on the wire and be very lightly scored. I think UNLV takes him out late in the fourth quarter or even in overtime.

Prediction – 17-16, UNLV win (2-1)

Week 4 (September 24) @ Utah State –

Week 4 is the start of conference play. The Rebels travel to Logan, Utah to take on the Aggies. It’s going to be tough for the Rebels to get the win in this game because it’s on the road and Utah State qualified for the Mountain West Championship last year. It’s a decent football team that will be able to control the rebels.

Prediction – 28-17, defeat UNLV (2-2)

Week 5 (October 1) vs. New Mexico –

New Mexico is not a good football team. In fact, they lost to UNLV last year when they both had only about three wins during the season. They face them at home at Allegiant Stadium, their first home conference game. I believe UNLV we go this one by a few. Last year’s score was 31-17, I believe it will be about the same score in this year’s battle.

Prediction – 35-20, UNLV win (3-2)

Week 6 (October 8) @ San Jose State –

Going to San Jose might be a tough game for UNLV to win, but the Spartans aren’t what they were a few years ago. With their stadium, they won’t be able to hold the capacity of a normal college stadium, so home team fans won’t be a factor in the game. UNLV could go to San Jose and pick up that win and earn their first road win of the season, which is a tough feat in and of itself. However, it will be a tight and gritty game of football.

Prediction – 21-17, UNLV win (4-2)

Week 7 (October 15) vs Air Force –

Even though they will be at home, the Rebels will struggle against an Air Force team that still looks decent. The rebels are going to fight hard but they won’t be able to pull off this one. This game will likely be their first home loss of the season. The young UNLV team will need to show some toughness to possibly win this game, but it will likely be too tough a test for the Rebels.

Prediction – 42-31, defeat UNLV (4-3)

Week 8 (October 22) @ Notre Dame –

Come on… Notre Dame?… really? What do you want me to say? The rebels go to Notre-Dame and win the victory. It’s not going to happen. UNLV was a two-win team last year and Notre Dame was in contention for the college football playoffs. I know I shouldn’t compare to last year, but seriously, UNLV gets a lot of money to go to Notre Dame and get their ass kicked.

Prediction – 49-3, defeat UNLV (4-4)

Week 9 – GOODBYE

Week 10 (November 5) @ San Diego State –

After likely being blown out of the water by Notre Dame before the bye week, after their bye week they will head to beautiful San Diego, Calif. to play the SDSU Aztecs. SDSU won the Mountain West last year and they’re a solid team this year. I don’t see this game working in favor of UNLV. They’ll be rested after their bye week, so it’ll be a good game of football once it’s all said and done, but UNLV probably won’t be on top.

Prediction – 30-24, Defeat UNLV (4-5)

Week 11 (November 12) vs. Fresno State –

UNLV last year went to Fresno and led at halftime. They didn’t end up winning because of a prolific Fresno State passing attack. This year it’s Vegas, but the Bulldogs will have about the same passing offense this year, if not better. It will be another tough task for the Rebels to beat a team that will most likely start with a Top 25 spot or end up getting one throughout the season. Also, former Bulldogs Derek Carr and Davante Adams will most likely be in the game, considering they play for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Prediction – 42-20, defeat UNLV (4-6)

Week 12 (November 19) @ Hawaii –

Now, the University of Hawaii isn’t usually great at football, but somehow they still have a decent record at home. That’s because it’s hard to fly more than six hours to play a football game. It’s also Hawaii that’s struggling to stay focused. Even though UNLV could be a better team, they are going to have a tough week against the Rainbow Warriors.

Prediction – 30-27, defeat UNLV (4-7)

Week 13 (November 26) vs Nevada –

This is the battle for the Fremont Cannon. The rivalry for essentially the only two major schools in Nevada. The barrel has been blue for a few years. Will the barrel be painted red this year? With most of Nevada’s star players making it to the NFL Draft or transferring elsewhere, this could be in UNLV’s favor. This will be the last game of the year, so both teams are going to play their best and want to paint the cannon in their respected school’s color. This year, the barrel could be painted red.

Prediction: 27-24, UNLV win, (5-7)

I have UNLV Football going 5-7 which is a step up from last year. They should have a better offense and a better defense this year with all the rookies they have. I know they will have another losing season, but it takes time to build a college football team to lead the conference. Rome was not built in a day. UNLV fans, give it a few more years and we should see this team start producing more wins per season.

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