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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) – This Veterans Day week, we’re proud to announce that the Junction City High Blue Jay Raiders are bringing home the top national honors.

Junction City High Army’s Junior-ROTC Raider Team returned home Monday morning from the National Raider Competition held in Molena, Ga … It was there that they placed number one. in the all-service division.

So you’re looking at the best raiding team in the country, and they’re from here in northeastern Kansas!

Among the competition categories, they finished first in rope bridge; then third in the physical team test and the 5 km backpack walk.

Sgt. First Class Ted Ehlers invited us to help publicize their significant accomplishments, including the all-service mixed division summits.

“It was my first year at ROTC and my first year in Kansas as well. So being here and winning national championships is just amazing, I don’t know, there are no words. JCHS JROTC Cadet Nichol Tangcoy says.

“I feel really good about it. We’ve been working really hard, the last few years we haven’t been as physical as you know with his other teammates, but you know we have a lot of heart and we have. JCHS JROTC Cadet Corporal Jack Calen said.

“Coming back here, and kind of being one of the underdogs in high school, one of the teams that doesn’t get that much recognition, you know, to show them that ‘hey, you know, we’re doing some good things too. is a pretty impressive thing. JCHS JROTC Battalion Commander Grant Shrader said.

“It’s a really good way out. My freshman year, I was in a girls ‘team and we didn’t do as well as the guys’ team, but I mean coming back this year and being able to crush it was amazing. Said Mahkayla Cole, senior officer of the JCHS JROTC battalion.

The competition involved more than 3,500 cadets from 74 schools in 21 different states.

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