Answer your questions about the Las Vegas Raiders

Henderson, Nevada – The Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base hungry for victory and success. Each week we take the time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Silver and Black, so let’s go.

Uncle Hondo, I was listening to you discuss Davante Adams. I know you have so many connections around the league. Do you sincerely believe he wants to be a Raider? –Keep up the great work, Ken Strawth

I have a lot of connections. I can tell you I wouldn’t say Adams wants to be a Raider, but I would 100% tell you that he wants to play with Derek Carr. If the Raiders want him, he wants to be here.

Hondo, I heard you talk about Davante Adams. Are you telling me that you heard that if he had a choice to stay in Green Bay or come to Vegas, he would choose Vegas? –Frank Craig

I can tell you that people very close to the situation have told me that he would choose Las Vegas and Derek Carr over staying in Green Bay. I also reported this before others started to.

Uncle Hondo, I was reading an article about quarterbacks to replace Derek Carr if the Raiders get rid of him, and they said option number one was Marcus Mariota. If the Raiders get a ton of draft value for Derek, what do you think? –Kris Jones

I have not read this article and am not aware of it. So if what you are saying is correct I can say that the article was written by someone who is not close to the franchise or in training. If the coaches thought Marcus was viable, these coaches would play him. I understand that the most popular player on most teams is the backup QB, but that’s not a good option.

Hondo, I would like to see the Raiders sign an offensive free agent tackle. Who would be your best choices for this? –Jennifer McDonald

Is for me, and I agree with you. I would love to see a draft pick and a free agent in that position, and I would go after Terron Armstead of the New Orleans Saints and Orlando Brown of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I’ll address these final emails after a few of them:

Hondo, maybe you and the other paid Raider media can tear them up if you get some integrity. I am embarrassed by this team and this victory. –Matt Antoine

As a longtime Raider fan, I’ve never been more ashamed of this franchise than after the Cleveland Browns game. A shame. –Steve Cassey

Hondo, even you can’t get anything positive out of the Cleveland Browns game. I recently finished your post-game article, Just Won, Baby, and there was nothing positive to take away from yesterday, honestly. –Gail Schafer

So let me clear it up. The team wins, and you want an apology? I have no idea what a fan might feel this way.

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