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Henderson, Nevada – The Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base hungry for wins and success. Each week we take the time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Silver and Black, so let’s go.

My man, Uncle Hondo. I was listening to JT The Brick on Raider Nation Radio, just like you, and he thinks Raiders throwing the ball further is the way to go. What do you think, Unc? Jay harris

I agree with JT. The Raiders came out visibly on the attack last week.

They must do the same this week.

Much like throwing down is the attack mentality, in fact, here is my question from Derek and his answer. You can also watch the video above to see it.

Hondo: Did you make the decision last week to rush forward in attack? Or is it just the game plan because of the team you faced?

Carr: “A bit of both. First, I always try to get in there and put as much pressure as possible as fast as possible. If it were up to me, I would go without snuggling with every snap and just go as fast as I can. That’s what I did in college. But there’s a whole team to think about when you do things like that and that’s why I don’t make these decisions . We definitely, Oly [Greg Olson], myself and our attack, we always want to push the tempo and make it fast and things like that. But there are times when you want to slow it down and control the clock and things. But for the most part I thought like you said last week we were trying to do a really good job of keeping the pressure up and keeping the pace fast and making them show them what they were doing or getting their calls more. quickly, whatever the case may be. In attack, we always try to play fast and increase the tempo of the opposing defense. “

Hondo, which player has disappointed you more than another this season? I think it’s Alex Leatherwood. Mike harris

I would say, Cory Littleton. No question of Alex Leatherwood, and he’s a rookie, he changed positions and lately he’s been playing well.

If Alex was your biggest disappointment, you’ve had very high thoughts for yourself. I would give it a C +.

Hondo, on the Raiders, what are the two most important free agent decisions in your opinion of the guys on the roster? Jodi dubois

They have to sign Solomon Thomas again, then call KJ Wright. They are the biggest players on the roster right now, who are free agents after the season.

Hondo, as we take a look at the draft, what do you think are the Raiders’ greatest needs, and what about DeSean Jackson? Thanks Jared Bollman.

A few days ago, general manager Mike Mayock was in the Ohio State Buckeyes training for the Rose Bowl and was checking Chris Olave (WR) very closely. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t watching the others, but Olave was on his radar. The Raiders are NOT far at WR. If they pick a player like Olave, who I think is a home run, is there room for DJax? They need more linemen and offensive linebackers so it’ll be fun to watch.

Uncle Hondo, you spoiled me last week with the straight story on Davante Adams. If we get him back as a free agent, how much do you think it will cost? Fred pinson

This ties in with the last question. The Packers will most likely franchise him if the Raiders get Adams while he’s a free agent. That means the Raiders will have to forgo draft picks. Do you go for a young player in the draft and record picks, or do the Raiders think they’re close enough to him for the playoffs and make additions via free agency? For me you get Adams wanting to play with Carr, but I’m not in that seat. He wants to be here with Derek, so you get there if it’s reasonable.

Hondo, it’s a matter of opinion. Do you think Mike Mayock deserved a chance to lead this team without Jon Gruden here? Bryan taylor


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