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Henderson, Nevada – The Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base hungry for victory and success. Each week we take the time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Silver and Black, so let’s go.

Hondo, what do you think are the percentages of chances that Mark Davis will keep Rich Bisaccia as head coach if they don’t win ten games, or if they do? –Thank you, Ken Salazar

If they don’t win ten or more games, Ken, I think the percentage is 1%. If they earn ten or more, I would say 20%.

Hondo, have you ever seen any signs of trouble from Henry Ruggs? –Lisa K.

Worry? No. I saw signs of his excessive speed, and I know that one of my media colleagues did too. Let me explain. He once walked past me on Raiders Way (near team facilities) where the speed limit is 45 MPH like I’m not even there. If I hadn’t known the car he was driving, I would never have known he was the one driving so fast.

A media colleague of mine had a similar incident (he asked that I don’t use his name), and although he didn’t know who it was, he went to the Raiders to find out how he was driving.

Hondo, do you think Josh Jacobs deserves a big long-term extension? –Carrie in LA

No, but let me explain. Jacobs is a great person and an exceptional player. In the NFL today, most running backs don’t get that “big long term overtime” you mentioned because the position is so physically brutal.

Josh has to come out almost every game because he was assaulted, even if it wasn’t for the whole game, that position takes a beating. She’s not a weakling, but the position is also physical. Because he did a Pro Bowl, his option year value increased dramatically, and I think the Raiders would like to re-sign him, but not for a huge amount or for a very long time.

Hondo, I heard you on the radio discussing the game-action pass. You also explained that Mike Mayock wanted more than Jon Gruden. What intrigued me is that you pointed out that Gruden and Mayock were close. Can you explain this if there were any differences? –MM in New Mexico

Of course I can. Do you have friends? Do you agree on everything? When Jon left, I discussed many differences, and some took it as me saying whether or not they were arguing in the right place. False.

They worked well together, but Mike saw it differently from Jon, and that’s life.

Hondo, I was amazed to see Dabo Swinney on the sidelines. May I read that he could be a candidate for the head coach of the Raiders? –Brenda N. Seattle, WA

I have been there for a long time. Coaches, owners, players all know what they are doing.

By the time Mark Davis stepped on the sidelines with Dabo Swinney, both men knew what they were doing. Sure, there are some Clemson guys on the Raiders, but Dabo knows how to send a message, just like Mark. I read it, and you should too. I’m not saying something is IMMINENT, but there was something to read. The NFL is master of communication. I’m not saying Mark and Dabo were negotiating, but the two made a brilliant move to be seen together on the sidelines.

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