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HENDERSON, Nev. — The Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base hungry for wins and success. Every week we take the time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Silver and Black, so let’s get to it.

Hondo, you mentioned a “big name” free agent the Raiders were on and promised updates. I appreciate that, but I haven’t heard much about it. I don’t want to bother you, so can you tell me if you’ll let us know when this person signs? Thank you Kenny M.

Kenny, as soon as this person signs with someone, I’ll update the situation.

Hondo, the famous free agent you told us about, is a big trick. You big liar, whoever they sign, you can just say that was it. You are a tool. T. Tibbs

Looks like you need a hug, and I suggest getting a dog. But if you honestly think I’m a big liar, your life must stink because you’re still following me? I have told two people who the person is, including my co-host on Raider Nation Radio, Clay Baker, and as soon as the matter is resolved I will report several details.

Hondo, quick question about the free agent you mentioned. Is the person trying to get more money from the Raiders? Thank you for all your work, Kyle C.

No, the Raiders have made their offer. The process takes some time as the gentleman and his family consider all options. He knows where the Raiders are, and they are NOT being scammed, or is he doing this to them.

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Hondo, I know you said you couldn’t name the free agent the Raiders are in, and I respect that and you. I would like you to explain to me if you can; I would like to be educated on when you report or how certain things. I found that fascinating. Obviously, you have excellent information; you have proven it; I would like to know how it works. Jennifer T.

Thank you, Jennifer. That’s an excellent question. So after the Raiders got Davante Adams and Chandler Jones, I got a call late one night from a dear friend who is a member of the management of an NFL team. We have been friends for years. He told me that his team had kicked the tires of a particular player, but that player wasn’t interested, or somehow it wasn’t going to happen.

He had learned that the Raiders (a team at the time that didn’t garner media attention for participating in the process) weren’t just players, but were among the favorites.

He said to me, “I would suggest that you don’t use the names of the players. In fact, I would ask you not to. It could hurt me, and more importantly, if you weren’t my friend, and just a beat writer covering for me, it could hurt the Raiders.

So I put it there, and made it clear that nothing was imminent or even certain to happen with the Raiders. The player hasn’t signed as of this writing and the Raiders are still in the process. I honor my source.

The sources who told me about Davante Adams I didn’t mind mentioning him by name, which is why I was so far ahead of the story, having reported since last May that he wanted to play with Derek Carr and the Raiders.

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