Athlete (s) of the week: the Benedictine Raider Team forms an inseparable bond

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Walk past the Benedictine Military School and you might see it appear between the trees. A 12 foot wall with the word “Cadets” painted on the front. It welcomes people to campus, but also serves a more important purpose.

“You don’t know what to expect until you do it,” junior Haddon Watson said with a smile as he laced up his boots.

The massive structure is also a climbing wall – part of the Benedictine Raider Team obstacle course. Before we go any further, what is a Raider team?

“From racing with equipment to obstacle courses and building monkey bridges to cross a river,” said Team Raider commander Alec Ramsey. “The easiest way to explain it is a bespoke competition team.”

Introduced as a sport in Benedictine six years ago, Team Raider trained by lifting tires and doing laps on campus. Over the years, team members and their families have decided to build their own obstacles to better prepare them for competitions.

“I just liked being with people and sport and when I came home every day I was in pain but I knew I was having a hard day at work,” explained Jeremiah Celestin, Managing Director. from the Raider team. “It was really gratifying to be a part of this family that we have here.”

The mile-long course surrounding the Benedictine campus is now fitted with pull-up bars, tire tunnels, walls and pits for the team to build rope bridges. If you can believe it, the guys approach these grueling workouts and workouts with a smile on their face.

“They push me to my limits to run faster, to get stronger and it’s just an amazing experience getting better with all the people around you,” said Team Command Sergeant Major Raider Gabe. Tvrdy. “All the people who are your friends.”

The cadets recently finished fourth out of seventy-eight teams at the 2021 Raider Nationals. Pair that with the four back-to-back regional championships with their name and one thing is perfectly clear.

Cadets are just getting started.

“It’s really hard for me to understand because in a sport that not many people know, it’s like you’re the first person to do it,” said Watson, who finished eighth in the individual competition. Ultimate Raider “. last weekend. “Especially in this area of ​​Savannah it’s different from other sports.”

The trophies, of which they have plenty, are nice. Guys will be the first to tell you, however, that this team has always been focused on more important tasks. They want to show that the sport has a bright future in Southeast Georgia, while creating an inseparable bond in the process.

“We really embrace brotherhood and are friends and kind to everyone [at Benedictine]Celestin added. “People kissed us and they kissed what made us ‘us’. This sport made me and a lot of people here.

“I love sports,” Ramsey said with a smile. “I’m really happy and feel like I couldn’t have finished high school or at least how I did the last four years – it honestly changed my life in so many ways.”

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