Biggest remaining game of Bengals’ stacked calendar

Every week is going to look like a playoff game for the Cincinnati Bengals. They will not only face talented teams, but they will face directly against teams they are competing with for a playoff spot.

The six teams remaining on their schedule have at least six wins on the season right now. Five of those six teams are either in the bubble or on track for the AFC playoff race with Cincinnati. The only exception are the 49ers, which are currently a Wild Card in the NFC.

This glove started after the Bengals’ week off in Week 10. They came out and defeated the Las Vegas Adventurers and Pittsburgh Steelers. This currently puts them in fifth place, but it’s far from a safe position with the remaining teams.

The remaining matches of the Bengals

All of these games carry a lot of weight. It obviously helps that AFC West can still fight a bit. However, a single loss could bring them down to a place where at least five other teams would start to bite their ankles. There is one game here that will have the biggest impact for these Bengals and their chances of making the playoffs.

Honorable mentions

  • The Browns’ game appears to be important for several reasons. It’s a division game, it’s the last game of the season, but more importantly it’s a way for this team to make a statement by beating a Browns team who crushed them a week after trading Odell Beckham Jr. However, he doesn’t get the biggest prize as the Browns offense appears to have pulled off a fluke against the Bengals. They have scored 17 points or less in six of the last seven games. It may end up being their easiest game.
  • The Chiefs present one of the best measurement tests this team will get heading into the playoffs. We’ve seen the Bengals take on the Green Bay Packers earlier this season (currently the second seed in the NFC), but the Chiefs are more like the squad that has been to a few Super Bowls than they were at the start of this season. It could also be a glimpse of a Wild Card clash, as these two teams would face off if the playoffs started today. However, one game far outweighs the others.

Bengals and Ravens rematch in the jungle

Cincinnati made a statement in Week 7 when they knocked out Baltimore and made their way to the AFC seed before making their way into their week off. So why is this the most important? Advantage of the field.

The Bengals could win and lose every game except the Ravens game and only finish seeded fifth. Baltimore could even lose two more games after beating Cincinnati to retain AFC North. Even with Baltimore’s tough schedule to end the season, that’s too much room for error.

Cincinnati winning that game would give them the edge over the Ravens in case these two teams end up with the same record. Not to mention that the win would be more of a two-game swing when it comes to the race for the AFC North. The easiest way to make sure you make the playoffs is to make sure you win the division after all.

Being a division winner automatically hooks the Bengals into a home game. This makes the possibility of a deep run in the playoffs a little more likely than having to win three straight road games to get out of the AFC, given that teams like Kansas City, New England and Baltimore are pretty hostile places for teams. to face during the playoffs. The idea of ​​having to go through several of them is quite intimidating.

Most of those teams looking for playoff spots are going to lose games. Cincinnati doesn’t have to be perfect to make the playoffs. Their best way to secure their spot is to beat the majority of these teams. However, beating Baltimore gives them the biggest swing, and that’s potentially the biggest payoff in the end.

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