Derek Carr drops truth bomb on brutal loss against Chiefs

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was not happy with his team’s embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at home on Sunday night. The difference between the two teams was like night and day as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs erased the Raiders’ defense while the Las Vegas offense couldn’t get things done either.

That being said, Carr still thinks this Raiders team is built differently. Despite numerous turnovers in recent games, the 30-year-old signalman is yet to give up on Raider Nation.

“I think we’re just a better team, we have better players,” Carr said (via Cassie Soto of Review-Journal). “Now that doesn’t lead to wins. I really believe in our group. The things we messed up today are so correctable ”,

After a good start to the season by winning their first three games, the Raiders have been a bit inconsistent lately. They have now lost four of their last six games as they continue to overcome some controversy off the grill.

Sunday’s game against the former Super Bowl champions didn’t help as the Raiders were limited to just 82 yards in the first half, which was the franchise’s fewest yards in a home eight game. years. And from there, the home side couldn’t keep up as Mahomes and the Chiefs kept their feet on the gas pedal en route to the Raiders’ huge burst loss.

Carr did not lose hope, however. The team leader is convinced that whatever went wrong on Sunday is definitely fixable as the Raiders try to extricate themselves from this recent crisis.

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