Dick Vitale launches into ESPN college basketball program

Dan Shulman recently wrapped up his 24th and final season by announcing MLB games for ESPN. He’s also been the voice of the World Series for ESPN Radio since 2010, but is giving up both roles to focus on his work with the Toronto Blue Jays and college basketball for the world leader.

Shulman is the television voice of the Blue Jays and said USA today Bob Nightengale’s lure of calling the franchise’s potential playoff games — which would conflict with his national television duties with ESPN — was too hard to pass up.

“It would be tough to be there all year for regular season games and not be there if they go deep into the playoffs,” Shulman said. “It made sense to me that if I’m all in with the Blue Jays, I’m all in. This is my home, and sentimentally, this is where my heart is right now for baseball, and the possibility to call playoff games across Canada on TV. So now it’s clean. It’s baseball in Toronto. It’s college basketball in the United States.”

Shulman went on to say that he didn’t lose sight of how blessed he was to be able to advertise professional sports in his hometown.

“These are special jobs, and to have one in your hometown, I feel very, very lucky. But I will say this, after everything I’ve done, if the Blue Jays get to a World Series, and I’m able to call it for millions of people in Canada, it just might trump everything.

Jon Sciambi will replace Shulman as ESPN Radio’s World Series play-by-play announcer.

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