‘Floor Is Lava’ Season 2 Trailer Teases Bigger Obstacles

Whether you grew up on Double dare or you only entered the game with American ninja warrior, our appetite for large-scale obstacle course shows is nothing new. Lately, however, it seems the studios are working harder to put their own spin on the concept, giving us new variations on a classic unscripted competition theme.

The floor is lava, the Netflix series inspired by a childhood game everyone played on their parents’ furniture, is no exception. The show’s first season arrived in the summer of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic lockdown, and its large-scale approach to something we were all doing in our living rooms proved to be a welcome distraction from the world. entire. Now Season 2 is almost here, and things are getting bigger, hotter, and weirder ahead of the June premiere.

The first trailer for the second round of The floor is lava episodes arrived Monday morning, and it promises all the slippery, creative fun of Season 1, as a group of new contestants prepare to try and navigate obstacle courses that look like oversized arcades, garages and even roofs.

Oh, and lest you think these are the same obstacles with a few different shapes, the show has also added a big new development: a volcano. That’s right, the actual source of the show’s slippery lava appears in Season 2, and we’ll see what happens when contestants have to try and scale it.

Check it all out in the trailer below:

Sure, The floor is lava isn’t really a genre series in the strict sense of the word, but it draws inspiration from the crazy adventure of stuff like The Raiders of the Lost Ark and childhood favorite Legends of the Hidden Temple, so it makes sense that it might scratch some of the craving for adventure for many viewers. Plus, it’s just downright fun to watch a group of often overconfident competitors rush into the action only to be taken down by a giant foosball table or a tool-covered pegboard wall. It’s the kind of show you can get lost in, no continuity details required.

Floor Is Lava returns June 3 on Netflix.

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