FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Biggest ‘trap’ game on Iowa State’s 2022 schedule –

Iowa State head football coach Matt Campbell celebrates with his players after the Cyclones scored a second quarter touchdown against Oklahoma State on Saturday October 23, 2021 at Jack Stadium Trice to Ames.

In part two of a 10-part series featuring a look at Iowa State’s football season, Chris Williams, Jared Stansbury, Brent Blum and Connor Ferguson dive into the state’s schedule. Iowa and set the Cyclones’ biggest trap game of 2022.

Chris Williams: Here’s the problem with calling anything a “trick game” for this version of Iowa State Football…the spread in almost every game this season will be in the single digits, pro or against the Cyclones.

This means that other than probably SEMO and Kansas, no results from any game would be shocking.

But in the spirit of the matter, I will be going with Kansas State at home on October 8th.

I believe most fans think it’s a “win” without knowing much about the Wildcats, but I believe in Chris Klieman as at the very least a solid football coach.

Iowa State tends to improve as the season progresses. It’s a young Cyclone football team that might take a while to marinate.

Of all those early games, this one seems like the one Iowa State is most likely to lose as a favorite. I believe Iowa State will be an underdog to Iowa and Baylor leading there.

Jared Stansbury: I know what I’m about to say is going to sound ridiculous, but this game in Lawrence on October 1 might have the potential to be scarier than anyone realizes.

Kansas has been very active on the transfer portal and has transformed the roster significantly. Obviously, we don’t know if that means much, as it looks like the Jayhawks have gone through an annual roster overhaul for the past decade.

That said, we don’t know what this Iowa State team will be like at the start of the season. Maybe they’ll turn the tide and get off to a quick start, but we’ve never seen that from a Matt Campbell team at Iowa State.

October is when Campbell’s teams usually get together to start playing their best ball, but Lance Leipold is a damn good coach and if he has more talent at his disposal than last season it wouldn’t shock me to see the Jayhawks play solid. ball at that time too.

They’ll be convinced that Iowa State is a team they could beat, especially at home, if their early-season vibes are right. I certainly wouldn’t pick Iowa State to lose to Kansas until I see the Jayhawks show some semblance of consistent momentum against Big 12 competition, but the trap game potential is definitely there. .

Jeff Woody: Based on the last few years, my first instinct would be to say the very first game!

The ISU is not known for its good start to the season. But the level of talent is noticeably different between SEMO and ISU, and the discipline that comes with Campbell’s staff should make this game comfortable, although I don’t think it will be throughout the game.

But the real potential trap game this season, despite the rivalry it has become, is Kansas State.

K-State is always tough to beat, simply because they usually don’t make enough mistakes to give away a game. And, at that point, you’re probably going to win against SEMO, 50/50 with Iowa, probably beat Ohio, 50/50 with Baylor, and probably get Kansas.

So after that start, you’re 3-2 on the low end, and it’s not unrealistic to look 5-0 if *everything* bounces your way on the high end.

Then you have a tricky K-State, right before Texas, Bye week, OR. Run your business and you’re between 4-2 and 6-0. Don’t, and you’re 3-3 going to Texas.

Brent Blum: Let’s be honest, there’s still a part of the Cyclone fandom that thinks every game is a trick game.

But one of the best things about the Campbell era was the ability to take care of business, especially at home. Iowa State is 16-1 at Jack Trice Stadium in the last 17 conference games.

It’s just amazing.

K-State is an obvious choice here, but I’ll add Texas Tech as one of those programs that is a complete mystery. New coach with a bunch of new players and I’m still haunted by that shot for about 89 yards in Lubbock a year ago.

The Red Raiders could go 8-4 or 3-9, nothing would surprise me and this Nov. 19 game will be an expected Iowa State victory, but Tech could throw a curve ball.

Connor Ferguson: With Iowa State’s schedule this season, I think a trap game almost has to come home.

Aside from a game against Kansas, away games are high-level tests where the unexpected would be for the Cyclones to be favored. I think the time for a trap game will come against West Virginia.

Iowa State could very well have come back from Morgantown with a win last season and will likely be favored when the Mountaineers come to Ames this year.

I think it will be a game that many expect to win.

I chose not to go with Kansas State because the Wildcats are likely to be 4-1 or 5-0 when they face Iowa State. I think KSU will have some momentum towards the standings at this point in the season, at least.

Jared Stansbury

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