Grissom’s impressive team of raiders and a cadet achieve national recognition



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HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – School athletes in the city of Huntsville achieve national recognition for their work with schools’ JROTC programs. Teams from several schools received top honors.

Grissom’s JROTC Military Skills Team won first prize in the Tennessee State Raider competition. We’re told there isn’t one of those competitions in Alabama, so they traveled out of state to compete. The men’s team led by caddy Trent Avery took first place overall, and the mixed team also took first place overall. Cadet Avery separately received an Outstanding Leadership Award.

Grissom’s military skills team then traveled to the National Championships in Georgia, where they played third overall, winning trophies in all five categories. Senior cadet Emily Myers won the women’s division of the Ultimate Raider competition.

“At the end of the day, they said it was the Top 3 in the country, never in the past 10 years,” Myers said. “I kind of started to cry and didn’t really realize how much of a big accomplishment I had just made.”

She said the heart of the raider team is in teamwork.

“We are all here for each other,” she said. “It’s really family oriented so that’s how we see it. We do it for the people to the right and to the left of us.

Grissom’s Army Senior Instructor LTC Johnnie Richardson said Myers was an exceptional role model, but he was also proud of the whole team.

“I will pit my cadets against any other varsity sport in the country,” he said. “It gives us great pride to First Sergeant and myself when we see these men and women come here in their spare time, two hours a day, to train. “

Huntsville High Air Force JROTC also received the Air Force Association’s Outstanding Unit Award for Alabama at a ceremony in November. School leaders tell us this is a prestigious honor bestowed on only one State Air Force JROTC per year.

JROTC programs at Lee / New Century, Jemison and Columbia are also growing.

This kind of achievement is a tribute to the character and determination of the students, administrators tell us.

Huntsville City Schools is expanding its JROTC programs and welcoming more students who want to enroll. There is a waiting list to enter many programs. The school system is able to put more instructors in classrooms and add more resources to support them.

“With the fact that we are now giving career preparation credits based on the development we are achieving, this will really increase the number of students who want to take this program,” said LTC Richardson. “But we’re going to go beyond career preparation. We will teach them things about life and how to be better citizens. “


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