HHS Raider Team Place 2nd Overall in Raider Competition | Community


The Hendersonville High School MCJROTC recently began its program and began its 2021 Raider competition season at Clarkrange High School. The Raider team consists of 26 cadets who have spent months preparing physically and building consistency in team events.

The team competed against 19 other local and out-of-state high school Raider teams and were eager to show off their “mind before matter” attitude and physical attributes. The team competed in eight physically demanding events.

Despite the fierce competition and facing the obstacles of heat and thunderstorms, the ROTC program demonstrated their physical strength and endurance. They achieved two first place titles in Rope Bridge and Cross-Country Rescue. They were also able to celebrate a well-deserved 2nd place in the general classification of the team.

The cadets in the program demonstrated strong leadership, impressive teamwork and true unity during the competition. Their energy and ambition was unmatched compared to any other team. The team represented HHS and the surrounding community of Hendersonville with Commando excellence and pride!

Despite being pushed to the brink of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion, the team pushed to remain steadfast in their quest for greatness. The competitive season has just started, but it is evident that these cadets are developing their character by overcoming challenges and obstacles as they continue to grow as a team and in their individual endeavors.

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