Hunter Renfrow speaks out on Colts tie-breaker

The Las Vegas Raiders beat the Indianapolis Colts 23-20 on Sunday. It was a big upheaval that upset the AFC standings. The win kept playoff hopes alive for the Raiders, which improved to 9-7. The Colts fell to a tie with Las Vegas, as did the Los Angeles Chargers.

After the game, Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow spoke to the media, detailing the tie-breaker, as USA Today’s Levi Damien noted.

“Everything revolves around the first step. If you can see it right before the DB does and Derek can find you, then you’ve got a good formula for success there. Derek did that, the O line did a good job extending the play and letting us extend it, and Derek found me. It was a good job on his part.

The Colts tied the game with less than two minutes to go on a Michael Badgley field goal. This gave Carr and the Raiders offense a chance to win the game.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr found Zay Jones 14 yards, moving the ball to midfield. But after two straight failures, the Raiders needed someone to step up. Carr and Renfrow did this literally.

Carr had pressure in the middle. He dodged and climbed back into the pocket and delivered a perfect pass. Renfrow jumped up and snatched him out of the air. He came in and ran into the end zone, but the officials, after consideration, decided he was affected. This brought the team into the basket range and set up Daniel Carlson’s winning 33-yard basket.

Renfrow finished the game with seven catches for 76 yards and one touchdown. The Raiders face the Chargers next week. If the Raiders win, they’re in the playoffs. It is that simple.

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