Ignite Rock Meta Daisies in the Metaverse

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a world first, metaverse rock band The Meta Daisies have released their debut single and metakinematic “Radiance”, launching the music industry into a new virtual era. Imagine the rock stars of the past being reborn, bringing their music and energy to a new generation – that’s The Meta Daisies.

The Meta Daisies are the digital offspring of The Dead Daisies – a global phenomenon comprised of legends Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Dio. Together with their label and management, Spitfire Music and a team of metaverse experts, the band have devised a strategy to bring their music to generations to come. Through The Meta Daisies, the band builds on their heritage while reinventing The Dead Daisies for Gen Z.

The “Radiance” meta-cinematic was made by pioneering gaming industry experts, Altergaze, creators of HoverGrease and pioneers of VR and XR. The meta-cinematic gives a glimpse of the home of the Meta Daisies in the metaverse – Daisyland. Here we meet Daisy, the time-traveling, half-human, half-supernatural guardian of the Meta Daisies, on a mission to keep rock and roll alive. Discover the meta-cinematic here.

Fans can get a taste of Daisyland with a listening party in the Avakin Life metaverse from June 9-16. Independent of the metaverse, the Meta Daisies plan to bring their music to multiple platforms in the future, starting with Avakin Life.

The metaverse is a new frontier for music, and what better place to keep rock’s legacy alive? !” David Edwards, the group’s manager, says. “The Meta Daisies are an exciting new hard rock band that are boldly going where no band has gone before. They’re bringing everything we love about rock to a whole new generation, and “Radiance” is just the beginning! We look forward to the next leg of this journey, into Daisyland and the Metaverse, bringing new and exclusive music to a new audience of fans. Keep your eyes peeled for more news soon!

Behind this project are David Lowy, guitarist of The Dead Daisies and Australian financial magnate, and David Edwards, the brain of Spitfire Music Pty Ltd. They assembled a team of experts, including Liviu Antoni from Altergaze (League of Legends, The War of The Worlds) and Dimoso (Marvel, Warner, Angry Birds). Key consultants have also been brought in, including Thomas Lee (Final Fantasy IX) and Kelly Vero (Tomb Raider, Transformers).

To find out more visit www.themetadaisies.com.

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