Josh Jacobs reacts to Broncos trade for Russell Wilson

The Denver Broncos improved dramatically on Tuesday when they reached a deal with the Seattle Seahawks to acquire Russell Wilson. The exchange drew plenty of reactions across the league, including one from AFC West member Josh Jacobs. The Las Vegas Raiders running back reacted to the news by Twitteremphatically stating that the AFC West was the “craziest” division in football.

It’s a bold statement from Jacobs, but there’s definitely some truth to it. All four teams in the division have playoff potential, so any game between the AFC West teams will be a must-watch game. Arguably Derek Carr is the worst quarterback in the division right now, and it’s bad luck for the 30-year-old there’s just so much talent between the Chiefs, Broncos , the Raiders and the Chargers.

The Broncos finished fourth in the division last season, but with Wilson under center, they could very well compete with the Chiefs for the throne. Kansas City has held the top spot for the past six seasons, although Wilson and the Broncos will do everything in their power to usurp it.

The Raiders will need to be at their best all season long if they are to keep up with the rest of the field, and it looks like the players aren’t underestimating their competition heading into the 2022 season. It will absolutely be a split one to watch throughout the year, and Jacobs has fans excited for what should be a close battle over the span of 17 weeks.

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