Kyler Fackrell will be underrated signing long term

The Las Vegas Raiders’ most underrated signing of 2022 was outside linebacker Kyler Fackrel. Fackrell has been a successful spin edge rusher in his career and even put up 10.5 sacks in 2018. The ability he brings and his quickness is one thing to behold. He can spin quickly and shoot the block in a way that would make any defensive line turn a blind eye.

Fackrell isn’t afraid to take blocks and chase running backs, as he’s often gone 20 or 30 yards down the field. He can be one of those base players who pushes the rest of the team and has moments that drive the crowd crazy. Here are some of the reasons why he’s underrated and could have a significant impact this season.

What will Kyler Fackrell bring to the Raiders?

High marks for on-site play

Fackrell has been a place player since beginning his career as a third-round pick in 2016. He had a 63.3 overall rating, but managed a 72.7 pass rush rating last year, according to Focus on professional football. That’s good to know again considering he’s always been a rotation piece and not a starter. He could be an important part of the defense this year, bringing speed, especially late in the game. Raiders fans will remember him firing Derek Carr, which led to the talk between Carr and Joey Bosa. We know what happened there.

He has a respectable 18.5 sacks over the past four seasons, which is good for a rotation player. Truth be told, he’s flashed at times throughout his career, especially in 2018, when he picked up 10.5 sacks. He had a couple of games where he had three sacks. Fackrell has never been a starter, nor will he come to Vegas as such, but his numbers and the pieces the Raiders have picked up could see him play a huge role. He scored a 46-yard interception return touchdown in 2020, showing his versatility as a linebacker, but he will be used more as a point rusher.

The Raiders wanted Fackrell, and they went after him.

On the defensive end of the ball, the Raiders made a lot of moves. They went out and got Fackrell because they wanted to, and having a team that wants you to be can be a big motivator. The team is young in defense, so Fackrell could eventually come in and be both effective on the pitch but also as a mentor.

The fact is. the Raiders need to have Pro Bowl-caliber defensive ends and plugging Fackrell into that rotation will spell havoc for opposing offensive lines. This upcoming season is the first in a while where the Raiders have high expectations. Fackrell is one player who may not flash too much but will be an important piece if they go far. He’s been a pro for seven years and he’s been in a winning environment and on bad teams. This experience will be vital for this season. If the Raiders are to be successful this season, expect Fackrell to be a key part of it.

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