LeBron James and NBA players react to LV’s savage win over Raiders



Monday Night Football is back, and it didn’t disappoint thanks to the Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens staging a spectacular showdown. In fact, even NBA vacationers couldn’t contain their glee after watching the game.

LeBron James, Damian Lillard and Zach LaVine are just a few of the NBA stars who watched and watched the contest, and they certainly haven’t regretted it.

As the game looked to be headed for a boring result after the Ravens led 17-10 in the first three quarters, the Raiders woke up in the final quarter to set up a 17-10 streak to tie the game and force extensions. In overtime, it was all in Las Vegas as Derek Carr completed his comeback with a 31-yard touchdown pass to Zay Jones.

Lillard, who is a known Raiders fan, breathed a huge sigh of relief after the victory. LaVine was also thrilled to see Las Vegas fight for the W.

For its part, James focused on Lamar Jackson and how he took responsibility for the loss. The veteran QB played well and even had a big moment in the fourth quarter, during which he put up a massive 28-yard run that saw the Ravens score a basket and take a lead 27-24 within two. minutes from the end.

Other NBA stars like Andre Drummond, Tyus Jones, RJ Hampton and Juan Tuscano-Anderson simply enjoyed the game and shared their excitement after watching an exciting game between the Raiders and the Ravens.

It was without a doubt one of the most memorable arrivals in recent memory, so it’s no surprise to see other athletes rave about it afterwards. Considering this is also the first Monday Night Football of the 2021 season, it surely couldn’t get a better start than that.

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