Maxx Crosby reacts to massive 4-year deal worth nearly $100 million

The AFC West is already loaded and the Las Vegas Raiders find themselves playing catch-up. The front office made a big decision on Maxx Crosby on Friday, locking him up for the next four years. It’ll be interesting to see what else this franchise can do this offseason, but for now, it’s Crosby’s time to shine.

According to Tom Pelissero, the Raiders have extended Maxx Crosby to a four-year contract worth $98.8 million. After playing as one of the best passing throwers in the league, Crosby takes home a whopping $53 million guaranteed. The sky is the limit for Las Vegas’ best defensive player.

After signing the deal, Maxx Crosby took to social media to share his reaction with fans. It’s a huge moment for the Raiders pass thrower as he becomes the centerpiece of the defense for the next few years. Considering Las Vegas has to play Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Russell Wilson twice a year each, it’s a necessary decision for this franchise.

Maxx Crosby has one of the best comeback stories of all time. After battling addiction issues, the star pass thrower cleaned himself up and quickly became one of the best defensive linemen in the league. If anyone deserves this payday, it’s Crosby and it’s good to see the Raiders rewarding him for his efforts.

We’ll see what other moves the Raiders make this offseason. They will face a tough climb next year with AFC West acquiring several superstars. However, as long as the front office maintains a competent roster, Las Vegas should stay in contention for the playoffs next year. Look to the front office to get aggressive in free agency and add valuable assets through the NFL Draft.

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