NDOT still working to fix US 95 freeway lights after copper wire theft report in late April

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — In late April, NDOT quickly checked several dim freeway lights along US 95 after FOX5 alerted it that they weren’t working. NDOT discovered that the cause was a theft of copper wire. He expected repairs to be made the following week. But more than two months later, several lights on Section 95 near Boulder Highway are still out.

“Usually these fixes in the past would take a few weeks. This one is proving extremely difficult because of the extent of the damage and because it spans such a large area,” said NDOT spokesman Justin Hopkins.

Hopkins says supply chain issues with obtaining replacement equipment are also a factor in repair delays. He says thieves often cause additional damage to infrastructure when removing copper wire.

“They didn’t go clean. They came in and did a lot of damage to the system taking away our materials,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins says NDOT has security measures in place to prevent theft, but says those measures sometimes only slow down thieves.

He says there are no accident reports on this stretch of road due to gloomier conditions. He urges people to call 911 if they see someone actively tampering with the lights or to call 311 if they see the lights go out. He says NDOT doesn’t always know there are outages until people contact them.

Hopkins could not provide a timeline for when repairs will be completed. And there is no word yet on the cost of these repairs.

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