Not good, 0-3 starting results in closed meeting

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis had a closed meeting with his head coach, Josh McDaniels, after a third straight loss. Something or nothing?

The 2022 season has been very disappointing on all fronts for the Raiders. Chandler Jones, free signing of the big name, is nowhere to be found. In fact, his snaps have gone down today. Derek Carr and the McDaniels-led offense spat out the door. Darren Waller’s appalling falls, Hunter Renfrow’s fumbles and downright horrible offensive line play hampered any progress. It should be noted, however, perhaps in defense of McDaniels, that all three Raiders losses were winnable. If it weren’t for a few mistakes, Las Vegas could easily be 2-1 right now.

Either way, the team is winless, a distinction that now belongs solely to the Silver and Black. Obviously, no one would blame Davis if he already had doubts. He made a big investment in this new regime, stepping aside to allow general manager Dave Ziegler to build him a champion team. Unfortunately, Ziegler’s choice for the head coach isn’t up to par at the moment.

#Raiders coach Josh McDaniels walks into the interview room after a lengthy closed-door meeting with owner Mark Davis.

Raiders News: Is Josh McDaniels already in hot water with owner Mark Davis?

As originally reported by ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, McDaniel was visibly late to the press conference after the match concluded by a few minutes. That’s when Gutierrez mentioned the closed meeting. Of course, it goes without saying that we won’t know what happened between Davis and McDaniels. It was all smiles when Davis introduced the power duo of McDaniels and Ziegler in January. Sadly, that’s now a distant memory for most Raiders fans and, in all likelihood, for Davis as well. The high expectations placed on the Raiders were justified after an impressive offseason.

It looks like there’s a lot to sort out with the roster, but the coaching, storylines, and play calls were a total disaster, like the decision to drop the running game in crucial parts of the game. It’s We’re unlikely to find out what the owner said any time soon, but it will certainly create speculation and guesswork around McDaniels this week with the Denver Broncos.

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