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The Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 schedule will feature their regular divisional games along with several other intriguing competitions. It’s been an offseason of change for the Steelers following the retirement of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. But that doesn’t mean they don’t plan to compete in the AFC after adding several veterans in free agency, including Myles Jack, James Daniels, Mason Cole and Mitchell Trubisky.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 Schedule

The 2022 NFL schedule hasn’t been released yet, but we do know the Steelers’ opponents for the 2022 season.

Pittsburgh will have the following teams on its home schedule for the 2022 season: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Steelers will move to play the following schedule for the 2022 season: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles.

2022 will be the NFL’s second 17-game regular season. The Steelers’ 17th game on their 2022 schedule sees them traveling across the state to take on the Eagles. Although this is Game 17, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will face Philadelphia in Week 18.

When will the NFL release the Steelers 2022 schedule?

As of April 11, we don’t know when the NFL will actually release the 2022 schedule for the Ravens and 31 other teams. However, based on last year’s release date, we can make an educated guess. In 2021, the calendar was released on May 12. That was 12 days after the NFL Draft ended on May 1.

If the NFL follows the same pattern, that will make the Steelers schedule release date May 11, 2022. Wednesday has tended to be the NFL’s go-to day for off-season events in recent years.

Therefore, if the release of the calendar remains in May, we can expect it to be May 11, 18 or 25, with May 4 being a wildcard. If that is the date, it would be unusual — it will only be days after the 2022 NFL Draft.

When does the 2022 NFL season start?

The 2022 NFL season will begin on Thursday, September 8. If the NFL sticks to tradition, the season will start where the 2021 season ended – SoFi Stadium. Historically, the winners of the Super Bowl host this opening game.

Even though the NFL has broken with tradition, the Steelers are unlikely to play on opening night in 2022.

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