Patriots schedule strength is among the toughest in the NFL

The New England Patriots will face a significant test in 2022, according to bettors and analysis experts. The Patriots have the ninth-toughest schedule force in 2022, according to Sharp Football analytics.

How important can these rankings be to the Patriots’ 2022 projection? Well, here’s what Sharp wrote: “Of the 10 NFL teams that actually had the the hardest 2021 schedules, only 3 have exceeded their projected win total: Cardinals, Steelers, Raiders. The Patriots, meanwhile, are expected to win 8.7 games. It hints at a potentially scary outcome for New England at this point in the season. Could an 8-9 season be on the horizon?

New England’s opponents in 2022 are Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns , Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Las Vegas Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers. .

The AFC East also seems to be getting more intimidating. Not only has Bills quarterback Josh Allen become an elite player, Buffalo is spending huge amounts of money to stack their team with talent. Miami, too, has become extremely aggressive in its new regime under coach Mike McDaniel, with the Dolphins trading for receiver Tyreek Hill, among other moves.

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