Predict the Las Vegas Raiders record



The Las Vegas Adventurers are now set to end their week off with a road clash against the New York Giants on Sunday.

We are now also at the point where we can look ahead and examine the strength of the Raiders’ remaining schedule.

Knowing that we can make predictions about how the rest of the Raiders’ season will unfold, they will have to go through several difficult clashes in the second half.

Overall, the Raiders’ remaining force ranks 15th, with a current combined opponents record of 34-34.

They should have the advantage against the struggling Giants, but that picks up the following week with the Raiders’ first meeting with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs struggled to get a 3-4 record, but the threat from former MVP Patrick Mahomes still makes the Raiders’ two games against them very important.

They also have back-to-back games against five-game winning teams in the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys after the Chiefs’ opener.

Games against the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts looked bigger heading into the season, but both have disappointed so far with records of 4-4 and 3-5, respectively.

The Raiders then end the season at home with a rematch against the Los Angeles Chargers, which could potentially end up deciding AFC West.

It’s a second half that before the start of the season looked like an imposing streak, but could now be manageable with the regression of the Raiders, opponents of the AFC.

That’s why as long as they stick to their current game, they should be able to finish with at least a 4-2 record in their division.

For their overall record, the Raiders have a way to go to finish with a 10-7 or 11-6 record, which should put them in position for their first playoff spot since 2016.

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