Raider team wins national championship

The Junior ROTC program at Leavenworth High School has another national championship.

Last weekend, members of a women’s team claimed first place in their division at the U.S. Army National Raid Championships in Molena, Ga.

“It was awesome,” said Capt JROTC Cadet Jessie Lamb, Commanding Officer of the Raider Women’s Team.

A men’s team from Leavenworth High School finished second in their division. And a mixed team from Leavenworth finished ninth in their division.

A group of 62 students from the Leavenworth High School Raider program departed for the national competition on November 4. They were accompanied by their coaches and their parents.

“We took the biggest group in the whole country,” said the retired 1st Sgt. Wayne Cogdill, who is one of the Raider coaches.

He said three charter buses paid for by the military were used to transport the group to the event. The group returned on Monday.

Cadet Captain Jesse Purvis, the men’s team commander, said almost everyone at Leavenworth High School was outside to greet the Raider’s students on their return.

The National Army Raider Championships were held at a scout camp. The teams each competed in five events, a monkey bridge competition, an event called the gauntlet, a long-distance rescue, a five-kilometer mountain run and a team physical test.

Purvis believes the men’s team set a record for the five-kilometer race.

The group completed the race is less than 21 minutes.

“We’re pretty sure it’s a course record,” said Purvis.

He said the members of the men’s team are proud of the women’s team for their national championship.

“We’re a great team so we were excited for them,” he said.

A student from Leavenworth High School, Cadet Sergeant Major. Sophia Rebeschini, finished fourth in the Women’s Ultimate Raider competition at the Army National Raid Championships. Another Leavenworth student, Cadet Staff Sgt. Jonathan Purvis, finished in 10th place in the Men’s Ultimate Raider competition.

Lamb and Jesse Purvis are seniors this year. But Jesse Purvis is optimistic about how members of the local Raider program will perform in competitions next year.

“I think they’re going to be amazing next year,” he said.

Leavenworth High School’s Raider program has already won a national title in 2019.

Last spring another group from Leavenworth High School’s JROTC program won a national championship. The all-female team known as the Cavalry Angels won the General Unarmed Drill Team Championship at the National High Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The team was the Honorary Field Marshal of the Leavenworth County Veterans Day Parade on Thursday.

The Raider students from Leavenworth High School also had a float in the parade.

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