Raiders News: Davante Adams trade named teams’ best offseason move

Between making trades, signing free agents and granting a few contract extensions, the Las Vegas Raiders have certainly been active this offseason. Each trade has helped bolster the Raiders roster, at least on paper, but there’s one move that stands out above the rest, trading for old Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

Adams has established himself as one of the best wide players in the NFL and many, myself included, consider him the best at the position. To put it simply, players of his caliber don’t become available very often, so Las Vegas pulling the strings to bring him on board is pretty impressive and hard to top when it comes to off-season deals.

Recently, Focus on professional football’ Capologist Brad Spielberger wrote an article listing the best moves of the offseason from all AFC teams and, unsurprisingly, named Adams’ trade for the Silver and the Black. It should also be noted that Maxx Crosby’s new contract was appreciated by Spielberger.


Extending defenseman Maxx Crosby as soon as possible after his dominant 2021 campaign in which he led the NFL with 100 quarterback pressures was smart business, as his deal will surely be surpassed by a few other members of the 2019 draft in due course. Las Vegas has been proactive over the past few offseasons with early extensions, and those deals will help balance major deals for newcomers, including wide receiver Davante Adams.

Quarterback Derek Carr’s former college teammate has been the NFL’s top wide receiver for the past four seasons, with his 93.7 overall rating, 432 receptions, 5,310 receiving yards and 47 receiving touchdowns, all leading the position.

Defenses will now have to decide whether to send help to tight end Darren Waller or Adams, and whichever player gets more of a one-on-one look will be unstoppable.

The Raiders only had to give up first- and second-round picks for Adams and in the best-case scenario, one of those two rookies would have turned into a player of Adam’s caliber. It was a “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” dilemma and Vegas went for the familiar commodity. That’s not a bad strategy for a team that’s been burnt out a lot in the draft over the past 20 or so years, especially with its top picks.

Not to mention for Spielberger, one has to imagine that signing Chandler Jones and extending Hunter Renfrow were close to third and fourth, assuming Crosby is second. Jones signed a $51 million over three years contract and bring more 107.5 career sacksas Renfrow emerges from a Pro-Bowl campaign and will remain through 2024 with a two-year, $32 million extension.

Still, it’s hard to argue against bringing in arguably the best passer in the game.

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