Raiders news: Derek Carr and Davante Adams are the dominating duo

The Bulldogs are set to loot as the Raiders. That’s the bottom line when it comes to the Derek Carr-Davante Adams connection. The reunited dynamic Fresno State duo wear Silver & Black together and dominated the opening day of joint workouts between the Las Vegas Raiders and visitors New England Patriots tuesday.

The torrent of tweets and posts about the dime Carr was throwing at his college and now Raider teammate was proof of that. Observations were flying as gloriously as Carr targeted his wide and how Adams was doing hold after hold – including an impressive one-handed carry where he kept his feet inbounds for a touchdown. The DC4-DA17 connection did what it wanted against the New England defense on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s almost like Josh McDaniels showing his mentor Bill Belichick “I’ve got something serious brewing in the desert.”

Carr-Adams against Patriots defensive backs wasn’t a fair fight in joint workouts and showed everyone that the chemistry between the quarterback and wide receiver hasn’t diminished despite the prolific Fresno State combo that spent the majority of their respective NFL careers apart (Carr with the Raiders, Adams with the Green Bay Packers). It gave the Silver & Black a glorious glimpse of what’s possible in the 2022 campaign. elite” on McDaniels’ Raiders offense.

“We were obviously looking forward to it. As you can see how training camp progressed and pre-season, it was an important week for us,” Carr said of his ability to pitch Adams against a live opponent. “So getting those reps is crucial for us. So being able to connect on some things is good, but I think we missed one – the one that we missed on the left, we’re going to look at it and be hard on ourselves and say to ourselves, “How can we do this one?’ That’s what I learned from coach (Jon) Gruden great you finished 26 out of 29 but what happened on those three keep that mindset to always strive to be better, that’s what I’ve always done, and I’m trying to do it even more with everyone this year.

Carr and Adams can talk all day about how fun the reunion is or what they look forward to accomplishing together as Raiders. The outbursts of joint practice are an example of the duo’s jubilation. But both will tell you what matters is dominating when games matter. Showing up in joint practice against the Patriots is one thing — and New England could very well bounce back in more practice and the next preseason game between the two — but doing it consistently from Week 1 through 17 is where it counts. It will be very troubling if Carr and Adams can’t impose their dominance on live opponents during the regular season – or even when the Raiders and Patriots meet for real for a Sunday night matchup in Week 15 on December 18 at the stadium. Alleging.

How far the Las Vegas Raiders offense will ride heavily on the shoulders of capable quarterback Derek Carr, left, and wide receiver Davante Adams, right.
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

“On the pitch, that’s what matters. We can talk about it all we want, but if we can’t do it against our defense or against anyone who comes to town, then that’s a problem,” Carr said of his relationship with Adams. “So far it’s been good, it’s been fun. He and I will both tell you that there are still things that I used to do, that he used to do and we find that place in between so we can say, ‘Okay, let’s do this, let’s do this.’ And we’re still working. Nothing’s promised, but we’ve been able to play some big games here and there, and we’ve missed a few where we’re like, ‘Oh man, we could do it like this’ , then we make the correction and that’s what this time is for.And you hope there are more positive games than correctable games.

“So far it’s been great fun.”

Future Shock

Adams’ career touchdown record stands at 18 – achieved in 2020 with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. The wide receiver’s career receptions and yardage record is 123 and 1,553 yards, set last season at Green Bay. Setting new career highs in the aforementioned categories is possible, but likely difficult as a Raider. Adams will certainly shoot his fair share of targets, but so will receiver Hunter Renfrow, tight end Darren Waller and the stable of running backs. This makes it difficult for Adams to rewrite his own personal bests.

Flip it over to Carr and his career-high touchdown passes sit at 32 — down in 2015. He set career highs for accomplishments (428) and yards (4,804) last season. Adding Adams with McDaniels’ play calls has the potential for Carr to hit a new plateau for touchdown passes.

For me, with the new play caller, the addition of Adams as well as Renfrow, Waller and tailbacks to throw too, eclipsing 32 shouldn’t just be something Carr can do, it’s something he should TO DO. I get it, it heavily depends on the offensive line, however, McDaniels doesn’t have to protect Carr like he did Mac Jones when the latter was a rookie caller for New England.

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