Raiders News: Derek Carr is among the top 5 intermediate passers

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is set for a terrific season. He has the guns around him that he has lacked for most of his career. He will have the opportunity to prove his detractors wrong with a successful season.

One area Carr has improved is his accuracy. As his average target depth has increased over the past two years, his completion percentage has not decreased. It’s a good sign that the quarterback is maintaining his accuracy while playing aggressively.

Where the Raiders’ starting quarterback shined was in the middle zone. According to the PFF rankings, they have him in the top five quarterbacks from 10 to 19 yards when it comes to accurate passing.

The eight-year-old veteran had the fifth-most attempts (125) and fourth-most yards (1,403) of qualifying quarterbacks on intermediate attempts. He also averaged a phenomenal 11.2 yards per attempt.

It didn’t stop there. In their accuracy and mapping, Carr made another appearance, finishing fourth.

Going 80 for 125, Carr put the ball up with eight touchdowns and just three interceptions on intermediate passes. This helped him achieve an intermediate pass mark of 94.1 for second place.

Carr developing in this area serves well, with Davante Adams becoming the prime target. In 2016 his completion percentage was 47% 10-19 yards improving to 61% in 2021. If the accuracy continues with better pass catchers, the sky is the limit for the offense.

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