Raiders News: Details of Darren Waller’s new contract

The Las Vegas Raiders have been working on securing their key players throughout the offseason. They ended it by adding Darren Waller to the roster with a long-term contract of up to $51 million.

Waller deserves every penny of the signing after reforming his career. He has become one of football’s elite tight ends and will now be a Raider likely until his retirement.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio explained the breach of contract. Waller gets $19.5 million guaranteed on signing. Here’s the rest of Florio’s analysis.

1. 2022 base salary: $11 million, fully guaranteed.

2. 2022 Per-Game Roster Bonus: $1.275 million in total.

3. 2023 base salary: $11 million, including $8.25 million fully guaranteed upon signing. The remaining $2.75 million becomes fully secured in March 2023.

4. 2023 Per-Game Roster Bonus: $1.275 million in total.

5. 2023 Off-Season Training Bonus: $200,000.

6. 2024 base salary: $10.25 million.

7. 2024 Per-Game Roster Bonus: $1.275 million in total.

8. 2024 Off-Season Training Bonus: $200,000.

9. 2025 base salary: $11.525 million.

10. 2025 Per-Game Roster Bonus: $1.275 million in total.

11. 2025 Off-Season Training Bonus: $200,000.

12. 2026 base salary: $13.525 million.

13. 2026 Per-Game Roster Bonus: $1.275 million in total.

14. 2026 Off-Season Training Bonus: $200,000.

15. Incentives 2022-26: $250,000, to have Pro-Bowl.

The deal includes $19.25 million fully guaranteed at signing

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