Raiders News: Does Las Vegas really have the fourth worst secondary?

The Las Vegas Raiders never seem to command much respect. In a recent article published by Pro Football Focus, they ranked the Raiders as the 29th best secondary in the league. It’s ridiculous, but everyone likes hitting the Raiders. Not exactly the latest Raiders news, but let’s take a look.

Breaking Raiders news: Someone is trashing the Raiders…again.

According PFF football analysts, the Raiders’ 2022 secondary is better than the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks. Levels of disrespect seep right off the page. Now, for those unaware, smashing the Raiders in any type of media is good for business. Why? Because the whole Raider Nation goes into an uproar and spreads it, it gains more views and clicks.

Have you ever noticed how, every offseason, the media associates every major free agent with Raiders interests? Or the fact that on social media, “Carr” is trending at least five days a week. When the NFL feels the heat and needs a diversion, one way or another, they arrive at “Let’s throw the Raiders under the bus”. While conspiracy theorists may cry foul, the truth is that no franchise moves the needle like the Raiders do. That’s why their placement on this list is so laughable.

Set the clocks

Let’s get a few things straight from the start. The real hypocrisy is in the PFF player ratings. Nate Hobbs was ranked (77.1) as the 10th best cover rookie. In fact, it was rated the fifth best corner overall. He was way ahead of everyone else in his lecture! Rock Ya Sin has the 21st best overall coverage rating (72.4). Anthony Averett has been released from the Baltimore Ravens area coverage scheme. Now he can apply his top ten cover skills and achieve the greatness that was meant for him. Right now, Trayvon Mullen is still recovering from surgery on his injured foot, but when he returns he may be the fourth man on the depth chart.

Security Trevon Moehrig just finished his rookie season and transitioning to a defensive coordinator and mindset that maximizes his strengths in alignment with adapting a pattern. As a young safety in a program dominated by Cover 3, Moehrig finished 2021 as the 25th overall safety and 16th best cover with a rating of 75.5. Ron Milus and Gus Bradley have done a great job of turning him into a quality NFL player. This brings us to the other safe position.

Johnathan Abram

Abram was and is a lightning rod for criticism. As a young vocal rookie, he invited all the smoke to come his way. Abram has many great abilities. The problem is that the conservative schemes he participated in did not unleash him. Abram is an attacker. Some people call him a downhill player, a sideline-to-sideline defender, or a box defender. He is the 27th ranked passer as a safety. It would have been much higher had he been allowed to blitz more. It is extremely explosive in tight spaces. His speed up close would make it difficult for running backs to set up for him, which could lead to more turnovers.

From Paul Guenther’s soft match 3 scheme to Bradley’s legion of boom defense, Abram hasn’t had the opportunity to play to his strengths, which are in the box. Instead, it was exposed, deeply covered. To his credit, Abram made great strides under Milus. It became less vocal and more punchy. His coverage has improved dramatically. Gone are the days when he was nowhere in sight of the receiver. Instead, every time he was “moss” he was in near-perfect position. A little thing like opening his hips the wrong way was the difference between giving up a six and the interception he could have grabbed.

Raiders news: Las Vegas doesn’t need to win anything

One thing the new Raiders regime has done a lot is win. The 2022 Las Vegas Raiders organization is worried about winning the division, making the playoffs, winning the conference title and winning the Super Bowl. All those off-season lists, rankings, and conversations about water coolers make no sense. July 17, rookie report. July 20, veterans report. Usually it takes about a week or two for conditioning, then the pads engage.

Abram is the lowest-ranked member of high school, but his 56.9 PFF rating shouldn’t allow the rest of the team to rank 29th. Especially not behind a Detroit Lions team that is counting on Jeff Okudah to bounce back and become the guy he was at Ohio State. Either way, the Raiders should be rated in the 15-20 range. Until then, keep it here at hiking for more information on the Raiders.

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