Raiders news: History shows Jimmy Garoppolo trade could happen

Jimmy Garoppolo bid farewell to San Francisco 49ers and he will likely be traded this offseason.

There have been speculations that maybe new Las Vegas Raiders executives Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels would pursue a trade with Jimmy G. Yeah, it would be easy to call this chatter lazy and just connect by dots and I’m not suggesting that there is anything substantial.

However, looking at McDaniels’ history, a pursuit of Garoppolo (whom he helped draft and coached in New England for three plus seasons) isn’t out of the question.

All we have to do is watch Exhibit A: Matt Cassel.

Less than two months after being named head coach of Denver BroncosMcDaniels tried to trade for Kassel in front of the New England Patriots traded former Brady replacement to Kansas City Chiefs. Denver’s outgoing quarterback Jay Cutler caught wind of the trade attempt and he was absolutely livid. It was the start of a major beef between McDaniels and Cutler and resulted in Cutler never playing another in Denver.

Josh McDaniels and Matt Cassel in 2010.
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

This was after the Broncos hired McDaniels to coach Cutler, who was 25 and fresh out of a Pro-Bowl season in which he threw for 4,526 yards, the third most in the NFL. Cutler’s coaching was supposed to be a major draw for McDaniels. He said some nice things about Cutler when he was hired as he did about Carr this week.

However, the chance to coach Cassel again was a bigger draw for McDaniels. Cassel replaced the injured Tom Brady in the first week of the 2008 season and had a good year under McDaniels. Yes, Cassel was a lesser talent than Cutler (as Garoppolo is compared to current Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr), but it’s not that simple with McDaniels and the Patriots system.

He publicly stated that it was a systemic violation. Thus, the fit is often as important, if not more, than the skill level of the players. If McDaniels thinks Garoppolo is better suited than Carr for his system, who’s to say the Raiders won’t consider a trade?

It wouldn’t be that hard to imagine. Garoppolo would likely cost less in a trade to the 49ers than the Raiders could recoup by trading Carr, who is entering the final year of his contract. Garoppolo would also likely be cheaper contractually than giving Carr an extension. Both players will turn 31 this year, so that’s not a big factor either.

Asked about granting Carr a contract extension before the final year of his contract. Ziegler said they wanted to get to know him first. Well, they already know Garoppolo. He was a second-round pick in New England in 2014.

So if McDaniels thinks there’s a better system out there and it can lead to better draft pay and salary cap flexibility, why wouldn’t he?

Again, that’s not to say Garoppolo is better than Carr or that the Raiders will or should make this turnaround. It’s simply a reminder that McDaniels has pursued this type of situation in the past based on system adequacy and familiarity.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook’s hypothetical odds, the Raiders are 15-1 to trade for Garoppolo.

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