Raiders news: How good has cornerback Casey Hayward been?

Even before Casey Hayward Jr. showed up at the team’s facilities in Henderson, Nevada, following his signing in May, his new teammates from the Las Vegas Raiders reached out almost immediately. Outgoing cornerback Trayvon Mullen Jr. punched his cell phone to text the newly signed veteran CB.

Some six months later, Hayward, 32, not only reinforces why his young defensive Raider comrades contacted him, but exactly why the Silver & Black led him to become the most statesman. aged corner room.

The 10-year-old veteran is yet to give up a touchdown in the cover, PFF follows him with 417 shots without giving a score.

Opponents haven’t had much success targeting Hayward as he allowed a stingy completion rate of 52.9% (18 of 34 targets allowed), according to Pro Football Reference. Quarterbacks throwing Hayward’s way have a collective passer rating of 74.8 in what was a 2021 return to form for the 5-foot-11, 192-pound corner.

It’s easy to see why the Los Angeles Chargers released Hayward after a 2020 campaign that saw the corner loaded with five touchdown passes allowed and 631 passing yards (487 yards were classified as overhead yards – the distance traveled by the ball from quarterback to receiver) along with 144 yards from YAC (yard after catch). Whispers of Hayward lost a stronger and stronger stride until it culminated in its LA release

“I didn’t even know they said that,” Hayward said with a laugh earlier this season. “I didn’t know they were saying that but, you know, to the media, I don’t care what they say. Good or bad, I just watched the movie with our coaches and they will tell me if I played well or not. So it doesn’t matter if they say I’m washed or not. My goal is just to try to go and compete, every week.

“And I think they brought me here to have a veteran presence and try to lead these guys. This is what I am trying to do. It won’t be perfect. I’m not going to play all the games. People will catch the ball. I was just lucky the first two games that no one caught the ball. Each week the goal is to win.

Las Vegas, however, needing a veteran presence in this position and with the former Chargers’ defensive coordinator (Gus Bradley) and side boss (Ron Milus) now Raiders, Hayward quickly moved on to Silver & Black. And it is largely paid.

“What he is, he’s a real pro and he’s someone they can bounce off of,” Milus said of Hayward, who had the CB vet with the Chargers from 2016 to 2020. “From plus, he sets an example. It’s not always an example; he’ll say to them, ‘Hey, that’s not quite the way we do it.’ But Casey is a pro and I think that’s what he brings to the table. Young people get to watch a guy … who [has] have done it before, and that’s how you do it.

Hayward allowed 233 yards (186 aerial yards, 47 YAC) and was an outside mainstay for a team that lost a starter – Mullen – to injury and saw a 2020 starter released (Damon Arnette).

Sunday’s game with the Washington soccer team is another outing for Hayward to further solidify his status as a ghost corner, especially if he’s tasked with covering Terry McLaurin. “Scary Terry” is an excellent mix of speed, precision and tenacity and has four 100-yard games under his belt with a total of 786 yards, 5 of 58 catches. The Ohio State product will be quite a test for Hayward or any other CB Raiders tasked with covering McLaurin.

The Raiders’ coaching staff got to see McLaurin up close when the team coached the 2019 Senior Bowl.

“We all fell in love with him,” Bisaccia said after practice on Wednesday. “His attitude, his effort, his ability to play big games. He was a great special teams player on the way out.

Bisaccia will be able to see Scary Terry again this Sunday and he is surely counting on Hayward to continue his solid game if he is lined up opposite McLaurin.

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