Raiders News: Mike Mayock intervenes on shooting

Say what you want or feel what you want to feel about Mike Mayock’s tenure as general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders, but there’s no denying the Raiders played better when he was assembling the roster than before his taking office.

Mayock was able to find some late-round gems like Maxx Crosby, Hunter Renfrow and Nate Hobbs, as well as some veterans like Yannick Ngakoue, Casey Hayward and Denzel Perryman, all of whom played big roles in Las Vegas. place in the playoffs this year. However, the first-round smells were still there, and one playoff game in three seasons wasn’t good enough for Mayock to keep his job.

For the first time since his layoff, the former TV analyst turned NFL general manager spoke to the media on Dan Patrick Showand Patrick bluntly asked him why he was fired:

“When I came in they were a 4-12 team, then we went 7-9, 8-8 and 10-7,” Mayock replied. “We were on the nine-yard line in the playoffs with 35 seconds left with four shots to tie Cincinnati, who went to the superbowlwhich kinda shows you how close the NFL is.

“…I think at the end of the day it’s all about the owner who has the final say. I think Mark Davis has a good heart. I love Mark Davis personally and at the end of the day he decided that Rich Bisaccia and I hadn’t been able to make it to the level he wanted, or he felt like a few other guys could make it to a higher level that’s moving forward. And I have to respect that because he’s the boss.

In my opinion, that was about as perfect as any answer Mayock could have given. He stood up for his resume/what he built with the Raiders, while respecting the organization and the man who signed his lucrative paychecks.

Patrick also asked the former Silver and Black general manager what’s next?

“I’m a little excited, I’m an old man and it’s good to be excited. I’ve never been afraid of a challenge… I watch a tape every morning, the challenge for me is if I watch a tape from 7am to 10am I’m going to practice for an hour and half, it’s noon and now I have I have nothing to do and I’m not used to that.

“…What I’m trying to do is try to get the balls up in the air. I had opportunities to go to NFL teams, some of my viewers called me. I look at it like at 63 I know myself and I need to be around football but whether it’s an NFL team whether it’s on TV or in all honesty I could coach running backs defensive to [high school]…and be really happy. So, I just try to keep it all up in the air and when the right opportunity comes along, I think I’ll know.

You must love him, a real footballer through and through.

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