Raiders News: NFL considered moving Raiders or Chargers to St. Louis, compared

The Las Vegas Raiders have a new stadium in Vegas that has already given the team a playoff berth. Mark Davis got everything he wanted after initially trying to move to Los Angeles but was turned down by the league.

Well, the story could have been different. Dispatch from St Louis released a report detailing how the Raiders nearly moved to St. Louis in 2014.

“The Raiders are moving to St. Louis, with restructured ownership and a brand overhaul. But ten years ago, at least for a while, St. Louis impressed the NFL.

The owners got together and discussed moving the team without Mark Davis. It would have been interesting to see where the Raiders would be with a new owner and a new city. Ultimately, St. Louis lost the stadium but won the lawsuit against the NFL. Davis was able to keep his team and moved to Sin City.

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