Raiders News: Quotes from KJ Wright’s introductory press conference


As news of the signing broke several days ago, the Las Vegas Raiders officially introduced KJ Wright as the Raider on Monday.

Wright held his introductory press conference at the Las Vegas facility yesterday and was visibly excited to be a part of his new team.

Unsurprisingly, the 11-year veteran is expected to take on a leadership role with the Silver and Black, but he explained how important it is for him to build a relationship with his teammates first:

“For me, I just want to get to know guys. I’m not going to come here and just tell the guys this is how we should do it. I want to know my teammates and have a positive influence on them. I have been successful in my career and there are some things that I could start to implement as I go, but first of all I have to teach my teammates, how they react to certain things, how they learn some things and then we can start to gel from there.

Wright would go on to explain how he wanted to keep a cool head as leader of the Raiders:

“When things are bad, when things are going well, I am that calming presence that is in the locker room, it is on the football field … I have been in certain situations where I felt that my presence had an impact on us. succeeded … there are so many other guys here too with Maxx [Crosby] and Yannick [Ngakoue], guys who have been in this league for a while. We’re all going to work together and make sure this defense is one of the best.

Later, Wright will speak again and continue to highlight the leadership that his new teammates have already shown him and how excited he is to be a part of it.

Someone asked the old Seahawk if he still has the same fire as it once did and if this offseason adds extra motivation. He left no ambiguity in his answer:

“Come on now,” Wright replied. “Look, this offseason, I’ve been pissed off all offseason. I was very, very angry. I was at peace, but I was angry at the same time if that makes sense… I had a lot of people doubting me during the offseason and I continue like this. I’m grateful to be here, but this longing that you’re talking about, yes, it’s out of 100 right now.

Having played for new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley in the past, Wright clearly has some familiarity with the Raiders’ defensive plan. When asked what marked him about his new teammates and how well they have adapted to the system so far, here’s what the latest Raider had to say:

“I would say how fast they play, how detailed they are in the diagram. I’ve been familiar with this program, been doing it since my rookie year, and they take care of all the intricate details Gus wants to accomplish. So when the guys are on the details throughout the season, you won’t see too many mistakes with that defense… This pattern is very simple, you have the appeal, you have the thing up front, you just run it. Gus doesn’t throw too much at us, we just want to play fast and that’s what good defenses do.

Finally, Wright concluded things by talking about what he expects his role to be this season:

“I would say, to play the OTTO position and if [Bradley] I have to play on other nickel positions to know it and play it at a high level. I am proud to know the three [linebacker] positions, I have held them throughout my career, started with SAM, MIKE and WILL. So no matter what the coach wants me to do on Sundays and Mondays, I’ll be there for him.

It’s spoken like a real leader there.

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