Raiders News: Raiders QB Derek Carr contract rumors heat up

Rumors of a contract extension for Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr began Sunday morning before the superbowl. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Dave Ziegler, Josh McDaniels and Carr have been working on an expansion.

With this information out in the open, we see numbers thrown around to guess the amount. After hearing rumors surrounding the negotiations, Jordan Schultz was the first to drop a solid number, citing over $35 million.

That sounds high, but Kyler Murray is asking for over $45 million, to put it into context. Valuing Carr over Kirk Cousins ​​and Jared Goff is fair, as many see him in the realm of those players.

It didn’t stop there – Vinny Bosignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal had the figure of $40 million.

Carr’s market value, according to Spotrac, is $31 million. The amount of 40 million dollars is a high figure for him. However, it looks like Mark Davis is back on Carr’s bandwagon, especially now that McDaniels is the coach, which Report mentioned in his article on Sunday.

The benefit of this type of expansion is that it can open the cap as part of a long overhaul…which can help Raiders go into ‘win-now mode’ immediately. We will wait for the final decision.

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