Raiders news: the fan base is growing

NFL fanbases have the opportunity to grow bigger and stronger every year and, of course, earn assists.

Bet did a recent study to reveal the biggest fanbase growth in the NFL over the past year. Unsurprisingly, the teams that earned the most topped the list of fan growth. The league’s biggest producer by percentage of fans was the Cincinnati Bengalswho played in the superbowl for the first time in over 30 years. The second largest fan base producer? Yes, the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams.

Still, the Raiders did pretty well, rising, according to this study, by 12.99%. It was the 11th highest growth rate in the NFL.

I expect the Raider Nation to continue to grow. The team is strong right now, the stadium is great, the team colors are still attractive and most importantly, the Raider Nation is a tradition. As families grow, so does the Raider Nation.

In the links of other Raiders:

  • Great Honor: This week, the late Al Davis and John Madden have been inducted at the California Sports Hall of Fame. Cool.
  • Great honour: Raiders executive Marcel Reece has been named one of the NFL’s Top 40 People Under 40 by The Athletic.
  • X factor: ESPN named cornerback Trayvon Mullen the Raiders’ biggest X-factor enter this season.

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