Raiders News: US House of Representatives to investigate Gruden email scandal


Through CBS Sports’ Cody benjamin, the U.S. House of Representatives oversight committee is currently examining the email scandal that forced former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden to resign.

The committee asks the NFL to produce any documents, communications, reports or findings regarding the Washington football team investigation, stating, “We hope and hope the NFL shares the committee’s goal of protecting workers. Americans against harassment and discrimination. ”

The Washington Post also revealed information on the matter, including an important quote from the letter sent by the oversight committee which read: “We have serious concerns about what appears to be widespread abusive conduct in the workplace at the WFT and on the handling of this matter by the NFL. . “

In July, the NFL fined the Washington football team $ 10 million over a sexual misconduct scandal, but the league did not release a public report. They’ve conducted over 150 interviews and sifted through 650,000 emails and several other documents, and the only information that has come to light is Gruden’s emails with former WFT chairman Bruce Allen.

The House of Representatives appears to be more concerned with the unfolding situation between Washington and the NFL, so the Raiders and Gruden appear to be only vaguely committed to this new investigation… for now at least.

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