Rich Bisaccia’s heartfelt gesture after playoff loss to Bengals

The Las Vegas Raiders experienced a sharp turnaround late in the season under interim head coach Rich Bisaccia. The team managed to sneak into the playoffs after sending home the Chargers, but were ultimately defeated in the first round by the Cincinnati Bengals. By Vince Ferrara, After the game, Bisaccia took the time to sit in his hotel room in Cincy and handwrite letters to each of his players, thanking them for their hard work since taking over. Jon Gruden.

It’s an incredibly thoughtful and heartwarming gesture from Bisaccia. While his future as Raiders head coach remains uncertain, it’s easy to see that Bisaccia has conquered the dressing room. As Ferrara mentions, Bisaccia is beloved within the Raiders organization, going so far as to describe the interim head coach as an “incredible person”.

While Bisaccia has done a quality job during his tenure as interim head coach, the Raiders are yet to make a decision regarding his future in that role. The players seem to want Bisaccia back for 2022, so it’s really up to the ownership’s opinion whether or not the 61-year-old will stay with the franchise.

The Raiders gig was Bisaccia’s first head coaching opportunity, and he absolutely took advantage of it. Bisaccia has been coaching for nearly 40 years, having started in 1983 as an assistant coach for Wayne State’s college football team. He then worked for South Carolina, Clemson and Ole Miss, before making the jump to the NFL in 2002. His first coaching role in the NFL came with the Buccaneers, where he coached from 2002 to 2010 in various roles. He then joined the San Diego Chargers before accepting a position with the Cowboys. He was hired by the Raiders as assistant head coach/special teams coach in 2020, and was named interim head coach in 2021.

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