Rodney Hudson made Touchdown Wire’s top center list

The Arizona Cardinals aren’t sure what’s going to happen with center Rodney Hudson, whom they traded last offseason. He didn’t show up for any part of their offseason schedule and it’s unclear if he will continue to play.

If he doesn’t return to the team, the Cardinals will be without the best in the league in his position.

In Mark Schofield’s classification of best nfl centers for Touchdown Wire, Hudson comes in at No. 6.

In recent seasons, Rodney Hudson has been considered among the best players in the game in his position. After four years in Kansas City with the Chiefs, Hudson cemented his status as an elite center with an incredible run of play during his six seasons with the Las Vegas Raiders.

He was traded to the Arizona Cardinals last offseason in a somewhat surprising move, and his freshman year in the NFC may have seen a bit of an adjustment to the new offense. Although still an extremely solid player, Hudson wasn’t as effective as he was in the previous season, especially in the running game.

But his pass-blocking game stayed on point. Take this shot against the Los Angeles Rams, where he barely gives up an inch in front:

Or here against the Dallas Cowboys, where he helps punish the looper on a twist play up front:

Between adjusting to a new offense and injuries that put him on injured reserve for a few weeks, 2021 has seen its ups and downs for Hudson. But perhaps the second year in the desert will see him return to the top of this list in 2022.

Hudson was consistently praised last season for his impact on the offensive line and quarterback Kyler Murray.

The hope is that he will return to anchor the offensive line again in 2022. His loss would be significant.

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