The New England Patriots’ 2022 schedule is going to be tough

The New England Patriots have a tough road ahead with their schedule in 2022. Can they rise to the occasion and beat some good teams?

The New England Patriots have a bit of a tough schedule for the 2022 season. They have a few playoff streaks where they will be really tested, and if they don’t start strong enough, the chance to make the playoffs playoffs could disappear before the team even reaches week ten.

By looking at their schedule; it’s clear to me that their line-up in the second half is a lot tougher than the first, but it’s worth splitting their games up to get a clearer picture.

Weeks 1 to 4

Their first four games could put them in an early hole. They open the season in Miami, then travel to Pittsburgh for Week 2, have their home opener against the Ravens, then travel to Green Bay to face the Packers.

I’m mostly concerned about weeks three and four, as both teams arguably have better quarterbacks and better rosters overall. Since the Packers game is in Green Bay, I don’t like their chances in this game.

I would feel comfortable predicting a 2-2 start for the Patriots. I would expect the Dolphins to have a bit of a hard time going into the season opener because having an influx of new players and a new coaching staff takes some getting used to.

I also think the Steelers have gone through some significant changes on offense, so anyone under center might need a few weeks to get their legs under them.

Weeks 5-9

These next five games put them in their bye week in Week 10.

They face the Lions at home, face the Browns on the road, go home to face the Bears, play an away game against the Jets, and go home to face the Colts on Nov. 6.

I see three comfortable wins for the Patriots in this five-game streak.

I don’t see a scenario where the team doesn’t win against the Lions, Bears or Jets. Although anything could happen, these teams are still in rebuilding mode and I wouldn’t expect too tough a game.

The tilt against the Browns will be interesting for the Patriots. If Deshaun Watson doesn’t play I could see them win, but if he does a loss is likely.

The Colts are the Colts. I don’t think they got any better by trading Carson Wentz and acquiring Matt Ryan, but they beat the Patriots last offseason.

Let’s say the team goes 3-2 over that five-game streak.

That would put them at 5-4 heading into their bye week.

Weeks 11-14

After the week off, their games become more difficult. Weeks 11-14 feature a home game against the Jets, away games against the Vikings and Cardinals, and a home game against the Bills.

The Jets game should be a win, and I’m reasonably confident they could get the win against the Vikings, but playing in Arizona against the Cardinals and facing the Bills leaves me worried.

The Cardinals would be an easier win for them. I think the team probably splits those four games, going 2-2.

That would put the Patriots 7-6 going into their final four games.

Weeks 15-18

The Patriots’ last four games are their toughest games of the season. Of course, these games take place at the end of the season when the teams are beaten and fight for the playoff spots.

They play two away games and two home games, with the Raiders and the Bills, and at home against the Bengals and the Dolphins.

I would have to convince myself to give them two wins here. I see them winning at least one against the Dolphins, but I wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable handing the Patriots a win over the Bengals or the Raiders.

I think a win over the Bengals is very likely, just because the Pats will play at home at Gillette Stadium.

If the Patriots actually finished 9-8, I’m not sure that would be enough to make the playoffs in 2022.

Their schedule is not doing them any favors this upcoming season.

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