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What are the Raiders? For cadets of the Rhea County High Scholl Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (RCHS JROTC), Raiders is a fun and physically active team activity that not only gets the cadets in shape, but teaches leadership, teamwork and confidence.

Raiders is the most physically challenging extracurricular activity available for the cadets of the Golden Eagle Battalion.

According to a member of the junior cadet team, “Raiders has given me so many opportunities to do fun and amazing things that I could never imagine doing anywhere else. Even when it’s difficult, we always get by.

RCHS JROTC Raiders often have two teams, one for women and one for men. These teams are made up of an average of 10 to 15 people.

These cadets compete as a team of 10 against Raider teams from other schools in events such as One Rope Bridge, Cross Country Rescue, First Aid, Land Navigation, Two-Mile Steeplechase, Log Carry, Tire Flip, Obstacle Courses and Leadership Reaction Course.

In the One Rope Bridge event, cadets tie “Swiss seats” around their waists to pull themselves up onto a rope bridge they have constructed. One cadet ties the knot on the near side and another ties the knot on the far side. Cadets are to complete this event as quickly as possible.

The two-mile steeplechase requires cadets to run as a team over two miles through mud and over obstacles.

In Cross Country Rescue, the team must travel a course and crawl under and over obstacles, slowly crawl through mud and climb hills while carrying various weighted items such as pellet boxes, stretchers and bags. back.

The team examines a “patient” during the First Aid portion of the competition and must use their medical knowledge for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

During the land navigation test, cadets are given a map, compass and a wooded area where they are tasked with finding six predetermined locations and returning to their starting point as quickly as possible.

For Log Carry, the team must carry a heavy log through obstacles.

Tire flipping requires the cadet team to move a large vehicle tire to a specific location by flipping the tire end to end.

During the obstacle course event, the team has to climb walls, balance themselves on logs, swing on bars, crawl low and overcome many other obstacles in the shortest possible time.

During the Leadership Reaction course, the team is presented with a scenario in which they must use their problem-solving skills to find the most effective solution.

A senior member of the cadet team said, “Not only does it help achieve a higher Physical Training Score (PE), but it also helps motivate the cadets to reach a higher level than they expected. initially power. “

The RCHS JROTC Raiders will compete in the Soddy-Daisy Raider Challenge (Trojan Trials) on Saturday September 23 and the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe Catoosa Challenge on Saturday October 7.

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