The SHS Raider team shines at the state


On October 26, the Statesboro High Raider Team traveled to Griffin to participate in the US Army Georgia State Raider Championship meet. Over 60 of the top teams were ranked into three levels based on the number of cadets in each program.

By placing first in the overall standings of the women’s, mixed and men’s teams in its regional championship, SHS cadets were allowed to compete in the state championship against 25 other highly qualified JROTC programs of the high class level one. Despite the issues encountered such as running a mile longer than expected, with both hard work and determination, the Statesboro team won four trophies, including two state titles.

Each male, female and mixed Raider team must have 12 members. Ten members are needed to participate in each event. All the teams compete against each other in five grueling events that test them both mentally and physically, also showing how well their team works together in stressful situations. The meet started with a 5 km run, followed by a fitness test, a rope bridge event intended to simulate crossing a river, a 50 meter tire rollover event consisting of three risers and two stabilizers, and a cross country rescue course where the team has to carry four backpacks and litter for a mile or more.

The women’s team, led by seniors Elizabeth Harvey and Cassy Herrera, won the first place titles in the two monkey bridges with a time of 1:56:85, and in the tire flip, breaking the record of the year last with a time of 2:19:85. The tire flip championship was the fourth consecutive title for SHS in this event.

By winning both first-place titles, the women’s team set a new school record for the most first-place trophies won by a women’s team in the state.

The mixed team, led by senior Daniel McAlhany, took second place trophy at Rope Bridge with a time of 2:03:15, and in the team tire flip event with a time of 2:15: 99. The men’s team led by Michael Champion couldn’t win any trophies, although they worked hard in every event.

“Our performance was decent, but there is always room to improve,” said Champion when asked about his team’s performance.

“I really enjoyed the teamwork we shared and how close we were to each other, especially when we won!” Battalion Commander Herrera said when asked about his experiences with this year’s raiding team.

Herrera also gave some useful advice to future cadets. “Do your best if you don’t want to have a ‘smoke session’ (rigorous physical training led by their trainer, First Sergeant David Redwine).”

A final statement was made by First Sergeant Redwine at the end of this year.

“After losing a lot of senior team members last year, I was concerned about our chances this year, but our young team really worked hard and surprised everyone in the state. Having so much success with such a young team really sets us up for next year. I look forward !

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