TheDrop Opens Investment Opportunity for Pre-B Series Athletes

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DAISI Inc., an e-commerce platform company and parent company of, opened a SAFE convertible note specifically for athlete-investors ahead of its scheduled Series B funding round. With an expected Series B raise in the range of $40-50 million, this unique opportunity encourages athletes to invest in technology early in their careers. Only $1.5 million will be accepted on the SAFE note’s incentive terms.

DAISI Inc. is currently in talks with several professional sports investors, many of whom are NFL, NBA and NHL players who currently play and/or reside in the company’s hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

DAISI Inc.’s flagship marketplace,, offers the largest selection of streetwear, sneaker and skateboard brands online today. With over 800 brands and over 237,000 skus currently available on the market, adds several new brands and shops every week. marketplace has become a global destination and is the top choice for brands and retailers looking to streamline their Direct-to-Consumer strategies in international markets. DAISI Inc.’s leadership comes from companies such as Nike, and Adobe.

The SAFE convertible note offering provides athletes with the opportunity to invest in DAISI at a much lower minimum investment than the planned Series B. DAISI will also provide influencer marketing opportunities to most athlete-investors.

Jonathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle for the Las Vegas Raiders and an early DAISI/ investor, was an athlete-investor/influencer during the NFL’s final season, wearing apparel during his weekly visit to the stadium. “I’m constantly thinking about the end game, and that’s served me well in how I approach the different ways of investing,” Hankins said. “When you look at which athletes are making the most money and creating real wealth, there’s always a big disparity. Essentially, we are the CEOs of our own companies and we have to start owning or taking shares in companies to own part of them. »

Jeff Staple, founder of the STAPLE brand, creator of the Nike “Pigeon Dunk” and advisor to the board of directors of DAISI Inc., shared his thoughts on the importance for athletes of diversifying their investments early in their careers. “If athletes are active on social media and really love fashion and sneakers, they should consider investing in companies like [DAISI Inc]. They can also get a modest influence check while increasing their capital at the same time. A double victory. Standard influencer control is short-term, low-money [in the grand scheme of things]. The return on their stock investment will eclipse the sum of the checks. Forget short-term cash. The real gains are in the long-term equity game.

DAISI Inc Founder Matt Falcinelli explains why the company is opening this ticket round so close to its Series B. “In over four years of building the DAISI platform and marketplace, I have spoken with many athletes and their financial advisors. Many athletes see “investing” as simply investing in real estate or the stock market. Ultimately, they’re missing out on hundreds of opportunities to participate in the capital of early-stage tech companies that have incredible upsides. There are too many stories of athletes going broke after their careers ended. If I can help some of them make small targeted investments in DAISI Inc. or other startups in my network and then orchestrate influencer marketing campaigns where they can leverage their influence to grow their wealth real, so it’s ultimately a win-win for everyone. Our pre-series B status means reduced risk as we have passed the initial start-up stage, developed a strong business model and achieved certain milestones. By opening this ‘Athlete Convertible Note’, we wish to serve as a case study of how athlete-investors can diversify their investments and follow the success of Shaq, Andre Iguodala and others who are leading the way.

The early-stage company is highlighting new “Services” revenue channels after Series B, similar to Farfetch’s market platform services in the luxury market. With an eye on the global scale, DAISI Inc and bring a unique value proposition to the entire $200+ billion youth/streetwear market.


DAISI Inc dba is the first marketplace platform of its kind in the United States for aggregating and curating products for millennial and Gen Z consumers. Through its proprietary platform, DAISI syncs hundreds of brands and retailers on marketplace and also serves as a platform from which traders can launch their own localized DTC sites in global markets. TheDrop is now the largest source of real-time trend information in a $200 billion youth/streetwear market.

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