Wire targets Las Vegas should kick the tires

HENDERSON, NEVADA – JULY 24: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams #17, head coach Josh McDaniels and quarterback Derek Carr #4 speak during training camp at Las Vegas Raiders/Intermountain headquarters Healthcare Performance Center on July 24, 2022, in Henderson, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Las Vegas Raiders had a busy day yesterday, as did most of the league. Now that the dust has settled, the team can start looking for help to plug their holes. For the Raiders, there are some concerns about their roster.

They could definitely use a cornerback, preferably a proven and reliable veteran. Trayvon Mullen’s trade came as a shock to many. However, his health is worrying. Simply put, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy despite showing promising signs.

The other obvious need, at least for those who know the team, continues to be the offensive line. Last season, the Raiders’ O line was one of the worst in the league. Despite this, the team still fared well in the playoffs. There have certainly been some positive developments when it comes to unity. Lester Cotton Sr. and Thayer Munford Jr. stood out during training camp and preseason, for example.

They obviously impressed enough that the team was comfortable letting Alex Leatherwood go. In fact, the Raiders are paying him almost $8 million for not playing for them this season.

So who can they sue? Well, when it comes to the disclaimer thread, it can get a bit complicated. According Professional football network, the Raiders are 23rd in the order of being able to claim a player. The order is determined by last year’s records. For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars had the worst record, so they got the first hits. It is important to keep in mind that a determining factor in a player’s eligibility is whether or not he is a veteran; it’s defined by their mandate. If you’ve played more than four seasons, you’re a vet.

So, looking ahead, there are a few players on the wire who could help the Raiders. Maybe they are lucky and lucky enough to claim some, one, maybe two.

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