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Henderson, Nevada –There is no fan base in the National Football League more hungry for information about their team than the Raider Nation. That’s why every week, we feature a buffet of information on silver and black while we answer your questions and emails regarding the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Hondo, how about showing (Gut Fortitude) and waltzing into Derek Carr’s next press conference and asking him, “Is Jesus proud of you for stealing money from the Las Raiders?” Vegas for playing quarterback when you should be a preacher? I bet you won’t ask for that. He resigned from this team. – Larry M.

I wouldn’t ask such an ignorant question. If you want to criticize Derek for his play, that’s relevant. But if you have to resort to personal low blows to get your point across, that’s not a very good point. As the man in the arena, I can tell you that I don’t need any help asking questions.

Hondo, I know you are a big supporter of Rich Bisaccia. I don’t hate him, and I’m a Lifetime Raider, but I don’t see him. Can you tell me why? –Tony B.

First of all, my dad taught me to support the right people in all walks of life. Rich Bisaccia is a wonderful husband, father, friend and trainer.

He has incredible respect from NFL players, coaches and officials.

I have a lot of friends who are coaches, and they accumulate a voluminous amount of information, so when they get their hang of it, they can put their plans into action. He’s been waiting for his shot, and he’s arriving in the middle of the year, with no chance to implement his vision, staff he hasn’t chosen and enough off-field issues he can’t control. I feel bad when the right people are faced with difficult situations.

He’s got a tough road, but if anyone in the NFL can take down the Raiders, and it won’t be easy at this point, I would bet on him.

Hondo, I love listening to you, but I’m not as optimistic as you are. Could you give me some hope, Uncle Hondo? –Matt R.

First of all, I can tell you that seven games is a lot of football. Second, this team has a lot of good players and coaches. They dug a huge hole for themselves. It’s 100% on them. They have all the tools to turn the tide. Seven games in the NFL is an eternity, and even with past performances lending to a meltdown, there is reason to be hopeful.

Hondo, I’m telling you, I understand you work for the team, but quit the (Bull Excrement); it’s time to blow up this team and rebuild it now. Trade everyone. –Heather G.

First of all, I don’t work for the team. Second, you are 100% entitled to your opinion, and I respect it. I am not a fan. I am a journalist. My job is to accurately report on the state of the Las Vegas Raiders. I don’t think it’s time to rebuild. Your defense is in good shape; you have a great mix of young players and veterans. Are their warts? Without a doubt, and they need to be fixed. But you don’t rebuild mid-season, and why are you getting rid of good young players. This team still has seven games to play. Wait and let it play, but a rebuild is not necessary even if it ends badly. I agree that the current play is completely unacceptable.

Hondo, if you had to pick a defensive MVP now, who would it be? My mate and I say you’ll pick Maxx Crosby? Thanks, man, –Mike F.

I think Maxx was amazing, but I would definitely say it’s Denzel Perryman.

Hondo, I wanted to write and thank you for something. I listen to you on the radio, and I appreciate how you don’t hang up on people or get angry when people disagree or question something. I also love that you take the time to talk to fans and engage them. For that, you are my favorite. I’m grateful to you. –A D

I enjoy this AD, I don’t have a job without fans, and I have no problem speaking with respectful people. I am not God, and neither do I think I am. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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