Derek Carr’s 3-word response to Darren Waller-Packers trade rumors

The Las Vegas Raiders added to their collection of weapons when they acquired superstar wide receiver Davante Adams from the Green Bay Packers. With starting stars Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller alongside Adams, the potential for their passing offense is obviously very high.

Quarterback Derek Carr is likely eager to step onto the court and throw to Adams, his former college teammate at Fresno State, while continuing to cultivate his bonds with Renfrow and Waller. On Monday, a rumor surfaced that the Packers and Raiders were “engaged in trade talks” involving Waller. A fan reported this rumor to Carr, who responded with three words on Twitter.

Obviously, Carr pays no attention to this rumor. Of course, just because the Raiders and Packers are “engaging in trade talks” doesn’t necessarily mean anything will come out of the conversations.

Count Carr among the group who think nothing will come of the Packers’ investigations into Waller. It would certainly be odd to see the Raiders let go of their star tight end, who enjoyed back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons before sadly succumbing to injury last year, when they could have a three-headed monster with Waller, Adams, and Renfrow in the upcoming season.

Carr, who just earned a pretty sizable salary with the Raiders, is likely feeling motivated to prove it’s worth it to those who doubt his ability. Let’s bet that he is not about to let one of his favorite targets go without having a say.

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