Derek Carr’s reaction to Deebo Samuel asking 49ers for trade

The trade request for Deebo Samuel from the San Francisco 49ers has the potential to shake up the NFL landscape. While the team isn’t looking to trade their star, demand will hang over it and Samuel will almost certainly end up somewhere else. Everyone in the league is watching the situation, including Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Carr responded to Samuel’s trade request, saying he could do anything on the court. It’s an innocuous and correct statement from the captain of the Raiders, although quite interesting.

Samuel would need a new deal if the 49ers traded him to Carr knows that. When podcast host Kenny King Jr. suggested Carr would head to general manager Dave Ziegler’s office to make a pitch, the Raiders QB made an important note about who that money should go to first: the Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, who needs a contract extension.

An attack with Derek Carr, Davante Adams and Deebo Samuel would be electrifying, although Las Vegas might not be able to shake things up. The implications of the salary cap will most likely prevent this duo from playing together.

San Francisco will have to convince Samuel to come back or pay him a huge contract in order to get him back. Allowing uncertainty about his future to continue will do them no favors.

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