Hot Off The Wire: Colin Kaepernick Update, Monica Reads Racist Reporter & More

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Get the latest on the potential for any return to the field for the next NFL season for Colin Kaepernick, the latest legal drama surrounding A$AP Rocky as Rihanna gets closer to having her first child.


Finally, it seems that some right-wing white commentators are very crazy about the amount of black representation at this year’s Country Music Awards, but Monica’s response summed it up perfectly, writing, “You get it my skin is melanin, but you missed it was hard. I’m rooted in the word and built to last, see you soon, or should I say welcome to Wakanda.

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Raiders owner talks Colin Kaepernick’s Monte Pool asked Raiders owner Mark Davis about Colin Kaepernick, and he said he deserved every chance in the world to be a quarterback in the National Football League. And he added that I still support him if our coaches and our general manager want to sign him to be the quarterback for this team. I will welcome him with open arms.

A$AP Rocky Legal Update

More Rihanna and ASAP Rocky drama. The police found guns in his home so they didn’t do it until after the baby arrived, but I don’t know if they found the gun that was used to shoot a man during an argument with Texas. testing on those guns to see if Rocky’s fingerprints are on him, which I think they would be because there are, but they’re also going to have to do a background check on those guns to see if some were stolen or where he bought them.

I didn’t really talk about country wars because you know, we’re going to play country but it was hosted by Anthony Mackie, you know, Anthony Mackie from Captain America and so many others. There were black performances like Jimmy Allen Is A Black Country Singer, The Pride Of Labor.

Oh no. So, you know, there were not-so-country artists like Monica. So a white right-wing commentator had this to say listen,

“This black guy is hosting is supposed to be country music. Without wanting to offend you. I mean, you all have hip hop and basketball. Just fly with your herd brother. So don’t worry about it. But you are the melan people who invented country music and Wakanda before Jack Hazzard Merle Haggard stole black man country music like I love Earth Wind and Fire Run DMC it’s like country music is different . Country music is different. It’s not Wakanda.

But listen, listen to what Monica wrote. Do you have this? My skin is melancholic but you missed it. It was hard. I’m rooted in the word and built to last I’ll see you sooner should I say welcome to Wakanda I was like yes girl. Erica Campbell wrote We are here sir take care of it. But you know what? I hope this guy didn’t show up at the Kentucky Derby because guess who plays the Isley Brothers and Janet Jackson.


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